Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Redlegs Review Podcast: Episode 19

In this edition of the podcast, Dan Howard and Jack Ward continue to be impressed with the development of the young Reds, and the guys also take a trip down memory lane by reflecting back on some of the great Reds teams and memories of the past.

Reds Poised, Positioned for Better 2017 Campaign

by: Jack Ward
Staff Writer

Bold prediction…..the Reds are not going to lose 100 games. That’s a relief! And the way they are playing after the All-Star break gives us great encouragement for next season. I can see the Reds being in the middle of the pack next year in the division. I think the Reds will be better than Milwaukee and Pittsburgh next season. Here are my reasons.

1. Billy Hamilton. Billy is getting tips from Joey Votto and has become a better hitter because of it. He is getting on base. He is stealing bases at a record pace. He is scoring runs. He already is the best defensive centerfielder in baseball.

2. Joey Votto. Joey is having another great second half and is going to finish well over .300 and lead the lead in on base percentage and be at the top in OPS. Hard to believe he was only hitting .227 in June! Why does that make the Reds better next year? With a solid guy in the number three hole that makes everyone around him better and of course it can only help your team to have the best hitter in baseball in your lineup.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

MLB Week 19 – The Impatience of Being Patience

by: Dan Howard
Staff Writer

Sixteen days into August and our beloved Reds played just their fourth game at home this month last night.

At least the next ten games are at home, including an unusual Friday to Monday four game series versus the Los Angeles Dodgers.

It seems weird to say Joey Votto went one-for-four Monday night and saw his batting average drop to .303. Votto is hitting .379 since June 1, second best in MLB (Houston’s Jose Altuve .392).

Tough loss for Cincinnati in the first of four against the Marlins. It was made even tougher thanks to the “brain fart” suffered by Blake Wood two outs in Miami’s eighth inning. With the bases loaded, Dee Gordon raps a grounder to Votto, who’s playing deep at first base. Wood breaks late from the mound and gets to the bag to receive the toss from Votto a fraction of a second after Gordon. By the time Wood spins and throws the ball to catcher Tucker Barnhart, Adeiny Hechavarria has already scored…. from second base.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Redlegs Review Podcast: Episode 18

In this edition of the podcast, Jack Ward and Dan Howard discuss the state of the young-and-developing Reds, as well as the prospect of what's to come for Bryan Price's crew.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

MLB Week 18 - Dog Days of Baseball

by: Dan Howard
Staff Writer

Did you really think the Reds were going win every series from the All Star break until the end of the season? I did too.

Wearing “Speed Kills” on his shoes, Billy Hamilton went 3 for 4 on Sunday at P.N.C. Park and promptly stole four bases. He’ll probably be flying to Rio to take on Usain Bolt in the Olympic 100 meters later this month.

I know I’ve said this before, but I wish Josh Harrison was a Red.

Remember a couple of months ago, during our weekly Redlegs Review podcast, Jack Ward and I both said we weren’t worried about Joey Votto, and said he’d eventually start hitting. There’s something satisfying about being right.

Speaking of the Rio Olympics, this year’s Summer Games are being contested in a city where it’s winter, and will be until September.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Pitching Staff Coming Alive, Farewell to A-Rod


by: Jack Ward
Staff Writer

The Reds continue to play much better led by much better pitching and better clutch hitting which gives up plenty of hope that things can change much quicker than we thought. The Reds have really stock piled pitching in their system. The fact that we have already seen Iglasias, Desclafani, Lorenzen, and Cingrani have great success you know that the coffers are definitely full of potential (There’s that word) of good to even great major league pitchers.

Brandon Finnegan has been fantastic in his last two outings going 12 innings with only six hits allowed and just three walks. He didn’t walk anyone in his last outing against St Louis. That is a big turnaround for Brandon who had been averaging 4.3 walks per nine innings. The Reds are hoping for big things from this kid. He is showing the promise that the Reds have that Brandon can be a solid starter for the Reds for many years to come.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Redlegs Review Podcast: Episode 17

In this edition of the podcast, Dan Howard and Jack Ward pay homage to former Red Jay Bruce after the outfielder was dealt to the New York Mets at the deadline, as well as break down the two prospects the Redlegs received in the swap for their ex-All Star.

A Quick Breakdown of the Jay Bruce Deal

by: Jack Ward
Staff Writer

It is official that Jay Bruce is heading to the Mets. The Reds are getting Dillson Herrera, a 22 year old former hot infield prospect, and a minor league lefty named Max Wotell for Bruce. I don’t think the Reds got very much in this trade to be honest. Bruce is only going to make 13 million next season. Why even trade him if this is all you are going to get? By the way, Jay Bruce is the first player to be traded while leading the league in RBI’s.

Herrera is 5-10 and 205 pounds. He may play some shortstop, but probably will be the second baseman of the future when Brandon Phillips leaves. Herrera has disappointed the Mets with this year’s progress. He has only played sparingly for the Mets while spending most of the season in AAA.

All day Monday it was rumored that Zack Cozart would be traded to the Mariners. He can still be traded by clearing waivers. If Cozart is traded maybe Peraza is headed to play short. Herrera is a second baseman. That means the next season, the last year of his contract, will surely be it for Brandon Phillips in Cincinnati. With Cozart and Phillips blocking both Herrera and Peraza, I think it’s strange that the Reds did not deal Cozart and went ahead and got Herrera in a trade.

MLB Week 17 – I’ll Trade Ya...

by: Dan Howard
Staff Writer

Welcome back Homer Bailey, our 106-million-dollar man.

Homer Bailey was very impressive this past Sunday. It looked like he pitched better in the majors than he did in any of his minor league rehab starts.

Best wishes to the now former Cincinnati Red, Jay Bruce.

All Cincinnati Reds fans worldwide will never forget that certain September evening back in 2010 when Bruce’s walk off homer at Great American Ball Park against the Houston Astros propelled the Reds to its first postseason appearance since 1995.

Bruce ends his Cincinnati career seventh on the Reds all-time home run list with 233.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Redlegs Review Podcast: Episode 16

In this edition of the podcast, Jack Ward and Dan Howard discuss the latest incident involving Chicago's Chris Sale and "uniform-gate," the second half resurgence of the Reds, and much more.