Monday, May 25, 2015


Photo Credit: USA Today

by: Dan Howard
Staff Writer

Uh, can we go back to April 6 and start this season over again?

Good News; the Reds are 5 – 1 against Pittsburgh this season.

Bad News; the Reds are 13 – 25 against everyone else.

Geez, nine game losing streaks are depressing, aren’t they?

Our beloved Reds are closer to the last place Brewers than the first place Cardinals this season. Then again, Milwaukee was expected to be bad this year.

There comes a time when changes need to be made. How much longer will Cincinnati’s ownership continue with manager Bryan Price? The largest payroll in club history, nine game losing streak, ten and a half games out of first, no leadoff hitter, no consistent starting pitching, and the relief pitching is a joke, and it’s only Memorial Day.

Monday, May 18, 2015

MLB Week 6 – A Bit of History

Photo Credit: Columbus Dispatch

by: Dan Howard
Staff Writer

I don’t know about you, but that three game beating the Giants delivered to our Reds left me with a sore backside.

The last time I felt this sore over a beating was when the University of Kentucky men’s basketball whupped the West Virginia Mountaineers in the Sweet Sixteen round of the NCAA Tournament.

You Heard it Here First Department; a bit of Reds history will happen Tuesday night when Cincinnati travels to Kauffman Stadium to play the Kansas City Royals. It will be the first time in franchise history the Reds will play the World Champions and the American League Champions in consecutive games.

Question to Billy Hamilton; exactly how many bunt hits do you have this season?

Monday, May 11, 2015

MLB Week 5 – Rain, Rain, Go Away

by: Dan Howard
Staff Writer

Barely one month into the 2015 season, our Reds have had two postponements and six rain delays. At least it’s not snow, right Colorado.

Did you see Coors Field this past Sunday? A May storm dumped six inches of snow late Saturday night, yet the grounds crew got the field ready to play Sunday afternoon.

Isn’t it nice to know that baseballs aren’t inflated?

During Monday night’s rain delay, Reds Live aired Jim Day’s interview with Pete Rose. If you’re a baseball fan, you have to watch it.

My kids think Pete Rose and I are related. His opinion about hitting and mine are similar. See the ball and hit the ball. Not talkin’ rocket surgery here.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

MLB Week 4 – Cincinnati’s M*A*S*H Unit

by: Dan Howard
Staff Writer

Who would have thought four weeks into the 2015 season the Reds Most Valuable Player would be Dr. Tim Kremchek, Cincinnati’s team physician.

How’s that 106 million dollar contract to Homer Bailey looking now? Twice on the Disabled List and unlikely to return for the remainder of the 2015 season.

Is Sean Marshall expected to return….ever?

Guess who is still in Louisville? Sam Lecure.

Sorry to hear about the dismissal of Milwaukee Brewers manager Ron Roenicke. You know, it’s easier to can the manager instead of firing the players.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

MLB Week 3 – What the @#$%!!!

Credit: USATSI

by: Dan Howard
Staff Writer

Fabs, face, fact, fade, fado, fads, fail, fain, fair, fake, fall, falx, fame, fane, fang, fano, fans, fard, fare, farl, farm, faro, fart, fash, fast, fate, fats, faun, faux, fava, fave, fawn, fays, faze, feal, fear, feat, feck, feds, feeb, feed, feel, fees, feet, fehs, fell, felt, feme, fems, fend, fens, feod, fere, fern, fess, fest, feta, fete, fets, feud, feus, fiar, fiat, fibs, fice, fico, fido, fids, fief, fife, figs, fila, file, fill, form, film, find.

I just wrote down seventy seven f-bombs. Takes up a lot of space on a page doesn’t it?

These are. In fact, official Scrabble words.

Hey Bryan Price, do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

Price seemed like a child who has learned a new word and couldn't wait to try it out.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

MLB Week 2 – Baseball is Taxing

Reds Cubs Baseball
Photo Credit: Nam Y. Huh (AP)

by: Dan Howard
Staff Writer

I know I’ve said this before, but I despise losing to St. Louis and the Cubs.

Question - How do you make Beer Battered Reds?

Answer - Put them in Busch Stadium and beat for three hours.

If I have to choose between having my fingernails ripped off with pliers or seeing the Reds bullpen blow leads, I’m going with the fingernails.

Watching Cincinnati’s relief pitching is a lot like watching a loved one die…..You know it’s going to happen, you just don’t know when.

Kevin Gregg’s stats through Wednesday; 0 – 1, 3.2 innings, 7 hits, 7 runs (all earned), 3 homers allowed and an ERA of 17.18.

Jumbo Diaz’s stats through Wednesday; 1 – 0, 4.1 innings, 4 hits, 4 runs (all earned), 2 homers allowed and an ERA of 8.31. But he DOES have one win.

The beat rolls on for Aroldis Chapman.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

MLB Week 1 – Like Baseball, It’s Great to be Back!!!


by: Dan Howard
Staff Writer

First of all I’d like to apologize for my absence during the last five months. My day job along with other family situations warranted my immediate attention so, unfortunately, I had to put this blog on the back burner for a while.

Have I missed much since my last article on November 2?

I really thought that Reds skipper Bryan Price had taken leave of his senses by sending Sam LeCure to Triple A Louisville while keeping J.J. (Hang ‘Em) Hoover on the big club. If he has several more appearances like Wednesday night/Thursday morning (2ip, 1h, 0r) my mind will change quickly.

A part of me likes the new batting order, another part of me doesn’t like it. The positive; Devin Mesoraco batting fourth, I really like that. His 2014 numbers showed that he earned the spot in the order. I only hope that hitting clean-up won’t make him try too hard to hit three run homers all the time. His .083 batting average says he’s pressing.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

MLB Postseason – Game 7

by: Dan Howard
Staff Writer

I’m sorry I’m a bit late in writing this, I got a little wrapped up in the hoopla (no pun intended) surrounding a certain N.B.A. player returning to play for his hometown team - Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls.

O.K., O.K., truthfully I was watching LeBron James’ return to Cleveland.

It’s been quite some time since I watched a professional basketball game, when did they quit using peach baskets as goals?

Congratulations to the San Francisco Giants on winning their third World Championship in five seasons. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts Giants skipper Bruce Bochy is quite possible, with respect to Joe Torre, baseball’s best postseason manager.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

MLB Postseason – World Series Stuff

by: Dan Howard
Staff Writer

Congratulations to the 2014 World Champions, Cincinnati Reds! The Reds rolled to the title by winning twelve of thirteen in the postseason including an impressive World Series sweep of the New York Yankees. So what if it was on my R.B.I.’14 game, a world championship is a world championship isn’t it? My twelve years old self bought it a couple of weeks ago.

I love that precocious twelve year old that resides inside me, my wife don’t care much for him though. I’ve often said I have five kids, my wife has six, including me.

Admit it, I’m sure I’m not the only one who has a twelve year old child inside them.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

MLB Postseason - Giant Royalty

by: Dan Howard
Staff Writer

It may sound a bit cheesy, but I’m a little disappointed that San Francisco’s play-by-play radio announcer Jon Miller (who should still be on ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball) didn’t yell “The Giants win the Pennant” several times after Travis Ishikawa’s dramatic pennant winning home run like Russ Hodges did back in 1951 when Bobby Thompson hit the “shot heard ‘round the world” back in 1951.

Useless trivia; Russ Hodges jubilant description of Bobby Thompson’s blast is by far the most recognizable and arguably the greatest play by play call in sports history. Did you know that there were four different broadcast of that immortal game? Hodges was working for New York based WMCA-AM radio, the Giants flagship station. Ernie Harwell historically covered the game for NBC television, which was the first ever nationwide televised baseball game. Former Cincinnati Reds broadcaster Red Barber was working for the Brooklyn Dodgers, while little known radio network, Liberty Broadcasting System, broadcast the game nationally with Gordon McLendon behind the microphone. Prior to this digital age of recording, the only surviving copy of Russ Hodges legendary description belonged to the Miley Collection of Evansville Indiana.