Saturday, September 10, 2011

The #BPGiveaway Experience: Friday

Hello all. We write this to you this morning from a Starbucks in Downtown Denver. Our hotel we're staying at doesn't have free Wi-Fi internet access, believe it or not, so we've improvised and taken advantage of the best amenity Starbucks has to offer -- they're access to the worldwide web.

After taking in all of the festivities, events and happenings of yesterday, we've finally had a chance to sit down and chronicle it all. So without further a due, here's how the first day of the @DatDudeBP #BPGiveaway went down:

4:30 AM ET - Wake up in Louisville, KY.

6:55 AM ET - Depart from Louisville International Airport for a flight to Dallas/Ft. Worth. (1 hour 51 minutes)

8:01 AM CT - Arrive in Dallas/Ft. Worth & make like hell to catch our connecting flight to Denver.

9:00 AM CT - Depart from Dallas/Ft. Worth for a flight Denver International Airport. (1 hour 37 minutes)

10:38 AM MT - Touchdown in Denver.

11:03 AM MT - Take shuttle from airport into city. (30 minutes)

11:33 AM MT - We arrive at the hotel, but soon learn that our room isn't ready yet. We take the time to acquaint ourselves with the Mile High City. We have an interesting conversation with a Greenpeace supporter talking about everything from deforestation, to plastic bottle consumption, to how what we were doing in Denver. We eventually part ways and continue out quest to conquer the city.
1:33 PM MT - During our meandering around the town BP calls us and tells us to get ready to head to the field. We have just enough time to check-in to our room and change before we finally meet the man himself in the lobby around 2:00.

2:00 PM MT - The three of us take a few pictures before heading to the stadium. On our way there we chat it up with BP about Coors Field and us recently graduating, among other things.

2:30 PM MT - BP hooks us up with VIP access passes and takes us down into the clubhouse to meet some of the guys. Since it's still pretty early, not everyone is there yet, but BP takes us around the locker room to meet everyone who had arrived already. Clubhouse manager Rick Stowe chats with us briefly before hooking us up with some sweet Reds hats! So a big thank you to Rick Stowe for that. At that time we make our way to the Reds dugout to take in the awesome views of the stadium.

3:00 PM MT - It's still roughly four hours until game time so the only ones on the field are the Rockies groundskeeping crew. We hang around snapping photos and such before Colorado takes the field for batting practice shortly thereafter. An hour goes by before most of the Reds players start trickling out of the clubhouse to take batting practice themselves. During that time we get to meet and chat with several members of the media including Marty Brennaman, Chris Welsh, The Cowboy and the Rockies beat writer for the Denver Post, Troy Renck.

Pic courtesy of Jamie Ramsey's Better off Red blog
5:30 PM MT - It's time to go pick-up our tickets for the game. By the time we get our tix and some grub (we had been binging off some Chex Mix and granola bars for the past 24 hours), it's about 25 minutes until first pitch.

6:40 PM MT - Much to our chagrin, both of our phones die during the first inning, thus taking away our ability to tweet during the game. Nonetheless, we enjoy our seats right behind homeplate and soak in the incredible experience -- Twitterless or not.

10:00 PM MT - The Reds pull out a 4-1 victory before a massive crowd of 40,000+. We wait awhile in our seats before finally deciding to head back to the hotel in hopes of charging our phones -- even if it's just for a little bit.

11:15 PM MT - Will gets the call from BP for an invite to dinner at the Denver Chophouse. We take the first available cab and meet him there about 15 minutes later. We chow down on a spread that consists of crabcake, bbq shrimp, steak and mashed potatoes and more while shooting the breeze about anything imaginable. We snap a few pics and talk about what lies ahead for Saturday. We eat until our hearts are content and roll out of the restaurant nearly two hours later. On the way back Brandon stops at a Seven/Eleven for his beloved milk and some juice. We get back to the hotel lobby around 1:00 AM.

1:15 AM MT - Will and I crash after having gone a stretch of 48 hours with about 3 hours of sleep. We talk a little bit about our day before succumbing to sleep deprivation around 2:00 AM -- concluding a long, awesome day put on by our host @DatDudeBP.

We plan on chronicling Saturday's experience here on the blog as well, so be looking for that in the coming days. If you're not already I encourage you to follow the blog (@Redlegs_Review), Will (@willpower36) and myself (@jimmiadair) on Twitter. Also, for tons of pics from the trip and regular blog updates check out our Facebook fan page. Go Redlegs!

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That's awesome man. Totally unbelievable experience I'm sure. Congratulations.