Sunday, September 18, 2011

Quotes & Notes: Volquez, Baker & More

  • Dusty Baker on "Johnny Bench Night" & the game on Saturday: “It was great prior to the game. We probably didn’t impress Johnny very much with our performance tonight...There ain’t a lot to say. They beat us up pretty good.”
  • Edinson Volquez regarding his start: "It wasn't bad. I tried to keep the game in line. I made a mistake to Betancourt. I walked one guy, then hit the next. By then, I had too many pitches."
  • Ron Roenicke on his team gearing up for the playoffs: "I think Braun is at that point in the season -- a lot of the guys are -- where they know where we're at and they're trying to turn it up a notch. It's a real good sign that maybe we're going to go on a big roll offensively."
  • Drew Stubbs tied Adam Dunn for the most strikeouts in a season in Reds history on Saturday (195).
  • Baker on Stubbs: “You look and strikeouts are up everywhere, all over the league. What does Jay Bruce have, almost 150 (145). And Joey has, what, 115? With Stubbs, the skill is there, big-time. It would be a tremendous thing for him to get 40 stolen bases (he has 37) and score 100 runs (he has 91) when he is hitting .249 with nearly 200 strikeouts. I find that quite remarkable for the struggles that he has had.”
  • To finish with a .500 record or better for the season, the Reds must go at least 7-3 in their final 10 games.
  • The Reds look to avoid a sweep on Sunday when they hand the ball to the winless Dontrelle Willis (0-6, 5.04 ERA) to counter Brewers' ace Zack Greinke (14-6, 3.87 ERA). First pitch is at 1:10 PM ET.

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