Friday, September 23, 2011

VIDEO: A Pandemonious Pickle at PNC

A crazy sequence of events unfolded in the fifth inning of Friday's Reds/Pirates game at PNC Park in Pittsburgh.

Watch as the players, coaches, fans, announcers and even the umpires try to make sense of the chaos caused by this routine grounder by Drew Stubbs:

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Gary Goldsmith said...

The fly ball was caught by the SS ,1st out, then the toss to 2nd baseman with the runner getting back to 2nd on time. At same time the runner on 1st decided to try for
2nd and got himself caught in a run down, 2nd baseman missed the tag and runner contunued for 2nd base as 2nd baseman threw ball to SS covering and he tagged the runner out before he could reach the 2nd base
Simple play , why so much confusion? The umpires need to get their act together !