Friday, October 7, 2011

Best Quotes from the Season

Ladies and gentleman, I present to you the best of the best (as far as quotes go) for the Cincinnati Reds' 2011 season. If you feel a deserving quote was omitted, feel free to include it in the comment section below.

“I had bad chicken wings at the hotel. Felt like I was going to throw up. I’m good now. I’m ready to pitch tomorrow.”Johnny Cueto attributing sub-par wings to a bad start in August

"I've played 12 years, and this is the most amazing Opening Day. To get that type of win is great, and to do it on a day like today gets people even more excited. It's amazing."Ramon Hernandez on the Reds’ 7-6 walk-off victory

"When you get a hit in your first at-bat, it takes the pressure off the rest of your day, it relaxes you. Nobody likes to go 0 for 4 or 0 for 5. One home run’s a good day, let alone three."Chris Heisey on hitting three homers in one game in June

"Why would anyone want to talk to me? It was yesterday that I pitched, wasn't it?"Bronson Arroyo after a long, 13-inning affair against St. Louis

"It means a lot to me, it's big for me, and I know it's going to be big for the Dominican Republic. There's going be a lot of talk about it in the Dominican. [Mesa] has been a guy that I admired."Francisco Cordero on becoming the all-time saves leader from a player hailing from the Dominican

"It was crazy when we first got in. You're going to a hotel where you have no AC and no lights. I could have sworn somebody was in my room at one point. I'm not going to lie to you, I was scared."Brandon Phillips on having no power at the team hotel in Pittsburgh

"It was with me until I went to sleep. All I could see was myself on SportsCenter acting like a fool, clowning. It was good reason to really clown like that. I still think about it, but it’s in the past right now. I wanted to do something different, do a Pedro Cerrano and carry the bat all the way around the bases, Major League.”Phillips on his walk-off homer against the Cardinals in mid-July

We stink right now, as a team. We stink. We’re not doing the things to win games. We’ve got to change the attitude. I don’t like to lose. No one likes to lose. We’ve got to go out there and expect to win. Right now we’re not playing like it. Tomorrow we’ve got San Francisco and they’re going to come over here and try to kick our butt. We’ve got to react. We’ve got to do something about it. We’ve got to take our tail out of our butt. Excuse my language, but that’s the way we’ve got to do.”Miguel Cairo ranting after the team was swept in a 4-game series at home versus the Mets

"They took offense to it, we took offense to it, and the soap opera continues between these guys. There’s always something when you come in here.” –St. Louis bench coach Joe Pettini on a series of heated exchanges on the field after the Reds swept the Cards in May

"It's definitely the strangest game I've ever been a part of. All that effort and time and you lose. It's tough."Jay Bruce on losing a 19-inning marathon to the Phils in late-May

"It was a real nice birthday present. It's the first time I can remember winning a game on my birthday in about 10 years. That's the one thing I wanted today. It's rare to come in here and sweep the Dodgers. We needed it. That was a perfect ending on this west coast trip, which has really been a nemesis to most teams in the east."Dusty Baker on sweeping the Dodgers on his 62nd birthday

“I'm bitter about leaving because I really love these guys. I love where this team is at. I love where they're about to go. But of course, as we see right now, it's a business. On the other token, a team reached out and wanted my services. I take that as a compliment as well.”Jonny Gomes on his time in Cincinnati after being dealt to Washington at the trade deadline

"It's an honor. It's an honor every time no question. Chipper's so old, they upgraded in age and youth, so they brought some youth into the team -- speed and youth."Scott Rolen on replacing Chipper Jones as the NL starting 3B in the All Star Game

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