Thursday, October 20, 2011

Five Best BA in World Series History

 Yahoo just recently posted a story about the players with the five best batting averages in a single World Series. I can honestly say I didn't know this, but number one on the list was none other than current first base coach for the Reds, Billy Hatcher. I had heard he played exceptionally well in the 1990 World Series, when the Reds swept the A's (and on this same day, October 20th!), but had no clue Hatcher hit .750 (9-12). The full story is here. This is the excerpt on Hatcher:

"The Cincinnati Reds won the 1990 World Series in stunning fashion. The Reds swept the Oakland Athletics behind strong pitching and strong hitting. Hatcher got nine hits in 12 official at-bats, good for a .750 average. He also drew a couple of walks. Hatcher was able to score six runs in the series to help his team pull of the win. This remains the single greatest batting average in World Series history."

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