Sunday, October 30, 2011

On this Day in Reds History: Two New Managers

October 30th, 1992 - Tony Perez is dubbed the team's new manager.

The hiring of Perez delighted many Reds fans. The former player had been a major cog in The Big Red Machine in the 70's, and many thought he would excel in his new role as manager.

As it turned out, Perez was fired after just 44 games -- going 20-24 over his short tenure. The Cuban native had been criticized for his inflexibility, for being too slow in making strategic moves during games, and because the club was making far too many mental errors.

He was replaced by Davey Johnson who would lead the squad until the end of the 1995 season.

October 30th, 1996 - Cincinnati tabs Ray Knight as their new manager.

"Trader Jack" with Marty Brenneman
The move to oust Johnson in favor of Knight came as no surprise to anyone, as it had been agreed upon to take place before the season even started. Knight would later be canned during the '97 campaign after posting a 123-135 record in less than two seasons. His overconfident, confrontational, and pit bull tenacity apparently rubbed his players the wrong way.

Jack McKeon would take over the reins of manager through the conclusion of 2000 -- compiling a respectable 291-259 mark over that span.

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