Sunday, October 16, 2011

Our Postseason Award Picks Schedule

Monday (10/17) will begin an eight-part, eight-day series of posts featuring our picks for baseball's major postseason awards. Here is a tentative schedule outlining our award schedule, as well as in parenthesis the date in which each award is to be officially announced by the Baseball Writers' Association of America (BBWAA):

Monday, 10/17 - AL Rookie of the Year (11/14)
Tuesday, 10/18 - NL Rookie of the Year (11/14)
Wednesday, 10/19 - AL Cy Young (11/15)
Thursday, 10/20 - NL Cy Young (11/17)
Friday, 10/21 - AL Manager of the Year (11/16)
Saturday, 10/22 - NL Manager of the Year (11/16)
Sunday, 10/23 - AL Most Valuable Player (11/21)
Monday, 10/24 - NL Most Valuable Player (11/22)

And one important tidbit to remember in the outcome of the voting: Postseason performance is not considered as voters are required to submit their ballots before the playoffs begin. For more frequently asked questions concerning the award balloting, check out the BBWAA's website here.

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