Wednesday, November 9, 2011

1975 World Series better than 2011?

I was not even close to being born yet when the Reds beat the Red Sox in seven games in 1975 to win the World Series, but any Reds fan, or even baseball fan for that matter, pretty much knows what happened in that series. Carlton Fisk appeared "to will" a walk off home run fair in Game 6, and then the Reds came back the next night to win Game 7 and the Series. That series itself was one of the greatest World Series of all time, ranked second by ESPN. The Game 6 was widely regarded as the best game in baseball history, until recently and the Game 6 which occurred between St. Louis and Texas. The combination of the "in the heat of the moment" factor coupled with the fact that it was a really great game, is responsible for fans today saying 2011's Game 6 was the best game ever. However, do you or they know what happened in the 1975 Game 6 though or do you just know about the Fisk home run?

Well you are in luck because Terence Moore of has nicely recapped the defining moments of the 1975 Game 6, as well as the 1991 World Series as part of his argument that both '75 and '91 had a better World Series than we had in 2011. Of course, we're just going to focus mostly on the '75 World Series because it involved the Reds.

Here is the excerpt from Moore of the events of the 1975 Game 6, and I'll let you read the rest of the story by clicking on the link above.
I know. I know. You could make the case that the Rangers were a combination of stunned and exhausted going into Game 7 after the way they lost Game 6. It's just that the Cincinnati Reds suffered a Game 6 defeat in the 1975 World Series that was at least as brutal.
Nevertheless, the Reds recovered quickly enough to edge the Boston Red Sox on the road in a Game 7 classic.
Let's start with that Game 6 in 1975, when the Reds held a 6-3 lead in the bottom of the eighth at Fenway Park. They were just four outs away from their first world championship in 35 years. Then, just like that, the game was tied at 6 after a pinch-hit, three-run homer from Bernie Carbo, who began his Major League career with the Reds, and who boasted of his feat to his former teammates as he rounded the bases.
Later, during that Game 6, there was notoriously bad left fielder George Foster making the throw of his life to nail the Red Sox's Denny Doyle at home pate in the bottom of the ninth. Then, in the top of the 11th, there was Dwight Evans sprinting toward the right-field corner before he finally reached into the seats to snatch a two-run homer away from the Reds' Joe Morgan near Pesky's Pole.
Finally, there was Red Sox catcher Carlton Fisk in the bottom of the 12th, dancing, clapping and leaping around the bases after his deep drive into the night kissed the left-field foul pole.
Let me also throw in that Foster throwing outing Doyle at home in the bottom of the ninth, capped off Reds reliever Will McEnaney pitching out of a bases-loaded no outs situation in that inning.

I want to know what you think, both fans who remember watching in both 1975 and 2011 and those who may have only seen one of the two and have merely heard or seen only the highlights of the other.

In my professional opinion, which is anything but that because I am not a professional writer, now knowing everything that happened in 1975, I think Game 6 was and is still the greatest game of all time and the overall series was better than that of 2011 and yes that opinion is also biased.

How about you?

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