Monday, November 14, 2011

2011 Attendance: Where the Reds Ranked

As the graphic clearly indicates, the Redlegs finished in the middle-of-the-pack this season in regards to home attendance (27,327). They ranked 16th among all 30 clubs and 10th out of 16 in the National League.

Now what you might not immediately notice is Cincinnati finished second among all MLB teams in average road attendance (33,120), trailing only the infamous New York Yankees (33,228). This fact is undoubtedly aided by their multiple visits to well-attended parks/cities - namely St. Louis, Milwaukee and Chicago - who all three finished in the top ten in home attendance this past year. Nevertheless, this stat suggests that opposing fans desire to see the Reds in action.

Here a few other notable tidbits regarding '11 attendance:

-The average is up nearly 2,000 from the 2010 campaign -- that was good enough to move up five spots in the MLB attendance standings from 20th.
- It marked the highest home attendance average since 2004.
- The 16th-place finish is the highest ranking since finishing 13th in 2003.

Due to the slight increase in revenue from attendance and the approval from ownership, the team payroll is set to increase from around $80 million to $85 million for 2012....which is an obvious step in the right direction from a fan's persective.

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