Sunday, November 13, 2011

Could Pujols' Destination Eventually Impact Votto's?

Could Albert Pujols' offseason moves eventually affect the career path of Joey Votto? According to this opinionated article written by Adam Hughes of Yahoo!, the answer is yes.

While he does bring up some valid and interesting points in the piece, I'm not so sure the two superstar's fates are so intertwined.

It's a no-brainer that Votto's future contract will compare somewhat to whatever Pujols receives this winter, but I'm not convinced the Miami Marlins would be as aggressive to acquire Votto as the article may lead on. Nor do I think the Fish could offer a package good enough to suffice the Reds demands -- Miami's farm system was ranked as one of the worst in the majors back in January.

And in addition to that, just the mere thought of Votto donning a St. Louis Cardinals jersey should irk Reds fans almost as much as Charlie Hustle being denied a place in Cooperstown. 

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