Friday, December 16, 2011

Cincinnati Reds Christmas Wish List

Christmas is only one week away now, so I hope this makes it to the North Pole on time. Nevertheless, I have compiled a wish list filled with some of the Redlegs greatest needs and wants heading into the 2012 season.

As you may notice, some of the wishes have already been taken care of, but there are still several desires yet to be fulfilled. Let's cross our fingers and hope St. Nick can work his magic and deliver this year.

2011 Cincinnati Reds Christmas Wish List
-A proven #2 starter to go alongside Johnny "Chicken Wings" Cueto.
-A reliable closer to nail down victories in 2012
-To not have to face Albert Pujols once during the '12 regular season
-Reach a long-term deal with Brandon Phillips
-To not have to face Tony La Russa once during the '12 regular season
-Have a division rival lose their star player due to a likely suspension
-A life's worth of toothpicks for Dusty
-A right-handed, run-producing bat to protect Joey Votto in the lineup
-Watch the Pirates spend all their money on free agents by mid-December
-The 2008 version of Edinson Volquez
-To not have to watch the NBA for as long as possible, maybe Xmas Day
-A first-aid kit for the injury-prone Scott Rolen
-More cash to spend on team payroll (longshot)
-More playing time for Chris Heisey
-Eliminate one team to compete with for the division title starting in 2013
-More velocity on Bronson Arroyo's slowly-dying fastball
-A tennis racket for Drew Stubbs
-Re-sign Corky Miller for the third time in three years
-A veteran shortstop to backup rookie Zack Cozart
-A two-week trial of Nutrisystem for Gapper
-Frustrate fans by making no signs of a deal, but stir up rumors anyway
-A playoff berth
-A National League pennant
-A World Series Championship for the city of Cincinnati

Feel free to include any other suggestions to the wish list in the comment section below!

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Anonymous said...

I'd take those last three for sure.