Saturday, December 3, 2011

Eric Karabell's Not So Rosy Outlook for 2012 Reds's Eric Karabell recently laid out some bold 2012 fantasy predictions for each MLB pitching staff, and he's not too high on next year's version of the Redlegs.

Here is the snippet taken from that Insider article:

"Last season's Reds strikeout leader was Mike Leake, with 118. Oh, how sad. Aroldis Chapman won't top that; he'll win a starting role out of spring training but end up back in the bullpen, splitting saves with December acquisition Brad Lidge. (Isn't that so like Dusty Baker?) The Reds will miss the playoffs. (But feel free to draft Johnny Cueto. He's good.)"

I'll have to respectively disagree with two things Mr. Karabell says. One, I don't see the team signing Brad Lidge and secondly, I strongly believe they'll make the postseason next year.

The longer the Reds go without signing a free agent closer, the more I believe the likely pitcher to assume that role will come from within the organization (Brad Boxberger?). And with the Brewers and the Cardinals in a state of attrition and uncertainly, I fully expect Dusty Baker's bunch to regain control of the division in 2012.

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