Saturday, December 17, 2011

Initial Reactions of Latos Trade

The news of a possible trade involving the Reds and Padres broke shortly after noon on Saturday. And since then there has been no shortage of opinions on the deal involving the club sending four players to San Diego in exchange for SP Mat Latos. Here are some of the (unedited) initial reactions from the Twitter world regarding the trade:

Player reactions:

@yonderalonsou (new Padres 1B Yonder Alonso)
"Time to close this book and begin another....sad but happy at the same time ..."

@mrLeCure (Reds reliever Sam LeCure)
"Wow! Awesome to have Latos on the squad. We gave up some quality dudes that could play some ball to the Padres, I wish them well. #beeasy"

@b_line45 (Reds reliever Bill Bray)
"Big time trade for the #reds. Best of luck to #Alonso, #grandal#volquez and #boxberger."

Fan reaction:

"I just lost ALL credibility for Walt, the cubs will have a better record in the Central. Reds finish 4th"

"Generally positive on it. Yonder's a future DH somewhere. Volquez was just brutal last year. Latos looks good. #WIN"

"at first glance Alonso and Grandal seem alot to give for a pitcher who's stats aren't that impressive.Trust Walt though"

"I like the trade because of the control the #reds get on Latos.also, Grandal and alonso blocked and volquez been bad."

"Alonso, Volquez and Boxberger for Mat Latos. What a great trade for the #Reds - it's their division to lose now!"

Media reaction:

@Ken_Rosenthal (FOX Sports)
"To #Reds fans asking if team gave up too much: Team will have Latos under control for four seasons. Not even arbitration-eligible yet. #MLB"

@johnfayman (John Fay of Enquirer)
"My quick take on the deal: #Reds gave up a ton. If Latos turns into a No. 1, it will be worth it."

@SPTimesRay (Marc Topkin of St Pete Times)
"Big price: To get RHP Mat Latos from #Padres, #Reds give up 1B Yonder Alonso, C Yasmani Grandal, RHPs Brad Boxberger, Edinson Volquez"

@JimBowdenESPNxm (former Reds GM Jim Bowden)
"The most lopsided trade I've witnessed in recent memory as the Padres swindle the Reds in the 5-player trade that lands Mat Latos in Cinci"

@JonHeymanCBS (CBS Sports)
"Competing gm: grandal "top 50" prospect, boxberger "potential closer," alonso "good bat." In summary, an overpay by reds"

@m_sheldon (
"On vacation and catching up on the trade. Wow. Wondering if #reds overpaid for Latos."

Reaction from RR crew:

"At first glance Reds are giving up WAY to much"

"I don't like this at all. We lost a ton of young talent for a good, not great pitcher. WTH!!! Are we getting anything else?"

"My initial reaction is that the Reds gave up a lot. However, let's let it play out. Latos looks legit. #MLB"

"I love the acquisition of Latos. Really going to miss Alonso and Boxberger the most, but this does improve the top of the rotation. #Reds"

"#Reds don't have spot for Grandal. Volquez was a bust. Alonso was going to be dealt for a pitcher if not kept. Boxberger unproven. #mytake"

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