Monday, December 19, 2011

Let's Go #Redsmas Caroling: Day 1


Opening Day is about 108 days away, while Christmas is a just a mere six away. We're going to try and help you get in the spirit for both during this holiday season that we are going to call #Redsmas! Thanks to Buddy the Elf, and I'm paraphrasing, everyone knows, "The best way to spread Redsmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear," so we're spreading Redsmas cheer by gracing you the readers and fellow Reds' fans with some classic Christmas tunes, but with a Redlegs twist and written by staff members here at Redlegs Review. Please note that you will have to do the actual singing yourself! Also, we're not trying to offend anyone as this is all in good fun! So without further ado, I present to you the first carol of Redsmas 2011, composed by yours truly, pertaining to the weekend's big move.

I've included an instrumental version for you to play and sing along with, so hopefully it enhances the whole Redsmas caroling experience. Also, the actual song lyrics are here in case you have no idea from whence this Redsmas carol was derived.

Joy to the Walt
Joy to the Walt, Mat Latos has come
Let the Reds receive an ace
Let their rotation prepare him room
As they win the Central race
As they win the Central race
As they win, they win the Central race

He'll rule the mound with balls and strikes
The fans will show him love
We've got Joey Votto and DatDudeBP
And wonders of his glove
And wonders of his glove
And wonders, wonders of his glove

Merry Redsmas! Hope you enjoyed that because there's more to come! If you have another version of the same song, please share in the comments!

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