Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Reds, Cubs talking Wood for Marshall

Is Marshall coming to Cincinnati?
The latest trade story surrounding the Redlegs is that they are potentially close to trading Travis Wood and two minor leaguers to the Chicago Cubs for left-handed reliever Sean Marshall. This would be another move, as I tweeted, that would be indicative of the "win now" mentality by the Reds front offices. Marshall has been a pretty good reliever in his career. Last year he was 6-6, with a 2.26 ERA and held righties to a .249 batting average, while lefties hit just .206 against him. He only gave up one home run and just 17 walks in 75.2 innings of relief, to go along with five saves. In his six year career he is 32-40 with a 3.96 ERA and seven saves. His BAA vs. righties for his career is .263 and .227 vs. lefties. His two best years have been his last two years though, so he is in the prime of his career.

He's only under contract for 2012, so working out an extension with him would be a crucial point to this deal. As far as what "two minor leaguers" means, from the Reds, I read that they are not "top prospects" but they are "valuable pieces." If I had to guess, the minor leaguers will be players of whom the average fan has hardly ever heard. Writers, bloggers, and radio hosts will find the stats and projections to make them either look like awful players, or awesome players depending on their bias, as they argue their opinion of the trade.

Whether this potential trade would put Marshall or perhaps Bill Bray in a position to close games is yet to be seen. John Fay doubts the Reds would trade for Marshall, then sign a closer. One thing is certain though, which is that if this trade happens, the Reds will be picking up a dominant reliever who they so desperately need to help fill out the back end of the bullpen, and will increase their chances of winning in 2012 and of that I am in favor.

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