Saturday, December 3, 2011

Saturday Morning Links & Notes

Happy Saturday all you Reds heads out there. Here are some links and notes to help get the best day of the week underway:

* The Cincinnati Zoo announced a sizable donation from the foundation of a former Reds owner on Thursday. For more details check out this article from the Washington Post. LINK.

* Brandon Phillips was asked about his contract situation during an interview at the Breaking Barriers event Thursday. To read what he had to say, check out Mark Sheldon's post here. LINK.

* The Reds will be an intriguing team to watch this offseason writes Sheldon. LINK.

* Terence Moore of thinks the third time should be the charm for Barry Larkin's Hall of Fame chances. LINK.

* Pitching prospect and Canadian Kyle Lotzkar will be hosting an event to raise food, money and clothing for his home community of Comox Valley next week. To read all the details please click on the following. LINK.

* John Fay provides some notes regarding Zack Cozart's rehab, Dusty Baker's job security, Homer Bailey's off-season and Billy Hamilton's rehab. LINK.

* You can view (and even print out) a PDF copy of the Reds' 2012 schedule here. The team will host the new-look and new-name Miami Marlins in the season opener on April 5th, and will conclude the year with a three-game series in St. Louis at the beginning of October. LINK.

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