Friday, December 9, 2011

So Long Albert

Although the Reds made no major moves themselves during the Winter Meetings this week, they did however, manage to escape Dallas as winners. How's that you may ask? I'll tell you.

This is because a long-time nemesis has not only changed to a team in another division, but another league altogether. Albert Pujols' decision to sign with the Los Angeles Angels means Reds fans can breathe a little easier in 2012. In fact, the only way Cincy would run into Albert Pujols and his Angels next year would be if the two clubs met in the World Series -- which is something I bet many around the Queen City would happily accept.

So just how good has Pujols been against the Redlegs over the course of his career? Pretty darn good. Here's some of his whopping career numbers against them:

Average - .350 (2nd most among all teams with 70 or more games played)
Homeruns - 46 (3rd most among all MLB teams)
RBIs - 143 (2nd most among all MLB teams)
Doubles - 52 (3rd most among all MLB teams)
Runs - 146 (Most among all MLB teams)
OBP - .430
OPS - 1.072

All told, I think it's safe to say Dusty Baker and the rest of the Reds won't miss Prince Albert too much. With that said, I wish him the best of luck in L.A.

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