Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thursday Update from Winter Meetings

For Redlegs sake, someone please trade with Walt.
Things are not going the way Reds fans had hoped they would so far at the winter meetings. That doesn't necessarily mean nothing is going to happen, as there seems that there have been plenty of talks and there's lots of offseason yet to go. It's just really frustrating when it seems like the Reds have a top trade chip in Yonder Alonso, as well as several other prospects, which could comprise a great deal for some other team. Perhaps, our organization is overvaluing these players, or it just doesn't want to give up the players that certain other clubs want.

One thing that seems certain is that Walt Jocketty is just as frustrated, if not more, than we Reds fans are, after having been engaged in many talks, but coming up empty-handed so far.

Joe Maddon of the Rays has admitted that Alonso's name has come up in talks with the Reds.

Something we learned yesterday was that the Rockies were on the verge of sending Huston Street to the Reds in exchange for Edinson Volquez, but when the Reds hesitated on the offer, Street ended up with the Padres for a player to be named later.

The fact that the Rockies acquired Kevin Slowey, and then traded Street to the Padres, did not end their interest in Volquez however as I had previously thought. Colorado is still eyeing Volquez as a pitcher who could rebound with a change of scenery.

Walt's radar seems to be honing in on two former Reds, as they may be willing to take a flyer on a slimmer Dmitri Young who is looking to make a comeback, as well as possibly offer a deal to Cody Ross. Taking on a flyer on Young is almost a no risk move that I sort of like. Ross probably wants a multi-year deal, which would make no sense to me, unless the Reds ended up moving Alonso and Chris Heisey.

Octavio Dotel is off the market after signing with the Tigers, which to me further reinforces the idea that the Reds will use someone currently residing in their bullpen to close games next season. Now that Street is in San Diego, and trading too much for Andrew Bailey seems like a bad idea , the only other thing I could see happening is no one signing Francisco Cordero and him falling back into our laps, but with there being more teams needing a closer than closers available, that is a stretch.

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