Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bowden: Jocketty Helped Reds Win Now

Love him or hate him, former-Reds GM and current ESPN writer Jim Bowden cranks out more content for discussion than anyone else on the MLB media circuit nowadays. His latest piece involves a list of five general managers who made moves this off-season to help their team win now.

Among the five on that dubious list is none other than Cincinnati GM Walt Jocketty. Here is the excerpt taken from the piece:

"4. Walt Jocketty, Cincinnati Reds

Perhaps sensing a weakened NL Central with the departure of Pujols and Prince Fielder likely leaving, the Reds mortgaged their future in two separate deals, trading seven solid young players who are all non-arbitration eligible. In a deal with the San Diego Padres, they received a future ace in 24-year-old right-hander Mat Latos, who will team with Johnny Cueto to form an impressive 1-2 punch. From the Chicago Cubs the Reds acquired one of the best left-handed set-up relievers in the game in Sean Marshall, a workhorse who's pitched in 50 percent of the Cubs’ games the last two seasons and maintained an ERA under 3.00 in each. The acquisition of Marshall will move Aroldis Chapman into the rotation. The Reds still need a closer and some hitting from the corner outfield positions, but Jocketty has done the most of any NL Central GM this offseason. With Joey Votto’s free agency looming, the Reds’ offseason moves indicate they must win now."

The moves made recently are a clear indication that the organization is swinging for the fences in 2012, which should delight even the most pessimistic and fickle of Reds country.

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