Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Closer Look at Pujols' Contract

Now I know Albert Pujols is no longer much of a threat to the Reds - thanks to the Los Angeles Angels for luring him away from both the Central Division and National League - but I still couldn't resist making a post highlighting the perks of Pujols' massive 10-year/$240-million contract.

Don't get me wrong, there is not a single player in the game today more deserving of this kind of deal than The Machine, however, this doesn't take away the fact that some of these provisions are just mind-boggling.

Here is a breakdown on what all Pujols is set to receive after signing on the dotted line:

If the Reds had a nickel for everytime this guy cost them a
win, they would have a lot of nickels

Pure Finanical Details
- His base salary per season over the next 10 years is as follows:
2012: $12 million; 2013: $16 million
2014: $23 million; 2015: $24 million
2016: $25 million; 2017: $26 million
2018: $27 million; 2019: $28 million
2020: $29 million; 2021: $30 million
- A $3 million payment for reaching 3,000 hits.
- A $7 million payment for reaching 763 homeruns.
- A $500,000 payment for being named the Most Valuable Player.
- A second or third place finish in the MVP voting will earn him $75,000.
- $75,000 for a Gold Glove Award
- $75,000 for a Silver Slugger Award
- $50,000 for an All-Star selection
- $100,000 for a World Series MVP
- $75,000 for an ALCS MVP

Other Perks
- A "personal services agreement" that the two sides will enter at the conclusion of the contract or Pujols' retirement, whichever occurs first. Upon then, Pujols will be paid $1 million annually for a non-playing role with the team.
- A hotel suite on all road trips.
- A luxury suit at the ballpark for his charitable foundation for 10 games a year.
- The right to buy an additional luxury suite between first and third base for all home games.
- (4) season tickets to all home games over the next 10 seasons.
When all is said and done, Prince Albert has the opportunity to make up to $268.75 million over the next two decades. This includes cashing in on all possible award bonuses for each season. Although he won't likely achieve that, he's still going to wind up being a very wealthy man come 2032 -- that much is certain.

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Anonymous said...

I know that the front office has more numbers to crunch and should know what they are doing. I'm sure it somehow makes sense to HEAVILY backload the contract. BUT 30 million for a 40 year old? That's insane.