Sunday, January 8, 2012

How Far-Reaching is Reds Country?

I came across this while gathering some research for a future post and just thought I'd share. What it attempts to depict is the estimated geographical reach of all 30 MLB franchises. Remember, it's not exact by any stretch of the imagination so take it with a grain of salt, but in my opinion it looks to be relatively accurate (aside from the small percentage of displaced fans -- like a Reds loyalist living in California per say).

From a Reds standpoint, you can see the tremendous reach the club boasts over surrounding areas. Beyond the city of Cincinnati, the team's primary fanbase stretches far upward into the western part of Ohio, most all of Kentucky, the eastern half of Indiana, the eastern part of Tennessee, and then dives into parts of North Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia. That's a pretty good geographical paw print if you ask me.

However, what this map doesn't help you visualize is the wide range of population density among the various regions. It's in this respect where teams such as the Yankees, Phillies and Giants take full advantage of being located in populous areas.

Here's another map that is not so cut-and-dry, but tries to offer more detail to the MLB fanbase landscape:

And here's one more:

So, by now if you're anything like me you have to be wondering, "how many Reds fans are there in the world?" Well, by researching some past Census numbers and doing some rough, I mean very rough Math, we can construct a ballpark figure.

Take half the population size of Ohio, then add 80% of Kentucky, 50% of Indiana, 20% of West Virginia, and 10% of Tennessee, Virginia and North Carolina and you should get around 15 million people. Now take in consideration that perhaps only 40% (maybe even less) of Americans follow Major League Baseball, then your new figure comes out at approximately six million people.

5.75 + 3.5 + 3.25 + 0.20 + 0.64 + 0.80 + 0.96 = 15.1 million * 0.40 = 6 million

Please take this projected Reds fanbase total of six million with a large grain of salt, as it's not scientific at all, nor does it consider any fans outside the basic region. What it does entail however, is a feeble and fun attempt at trying to estimate how many people make up Reds country. No matter how far-reaching or large the club's following may be, one thing is for sure, you won't find any MLB fanbase more passionate about their team than the Reds'.

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