Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Reds Get Closer in Signing Ryan Madson

Ryan Madson is the new Reds' closer.
According to several media outlets, a source close to Ryan Madson has confirmed that he has signed a one-year deal with the Reds. Depending on whom you believe, the deal is either worth $8.5MM (, or $10MM ( Perhaps it is worth a base salary of $8.5MM, with incentives up to $10MM? But being he is a Scott Boras client, I'm inclined to think it is closer to a $10MM deal. *Update The contract is confirmed to be worth $8.5MM guaranteed for one season according to John Fay of the Cincinnati Enquirer (Twitter).* Either way, the Reds have locked in their closer for the 2012 season, thus filling two of their biggest offseason needs, along with an ace-like starter in Mat Latos. This further confirms that the Reds are all in this season and the front office believes the time to win is now.

2011 stats: 4-2, 2.37 ERA, 62 GP, 32/34 SV, 60.2 IP
Career stats: 47-30, 3.59 ERA, 491 GP, 113 H, 630 IP

Above are Madson's stats from last year, as well as the 31 year old's career stats. Considering the tall righty was reportedly seeking a deal in the four-year, $44MM range and is a Boras client, this is a great deal for the Reds (especially if it is only for $8.5MM). It's a cost effective move, which does not put the Reds on the hook for the long term. The Reds could hardly afford to commit anything like $11MM for multiple years to a closer, with so many young players about to get pay raises over the next few years.

This move all but ends a potential reunion with former closer Francisco Cordero, as well as any rumors of Kerry Wood or any other relief pitcher coming to Cincinnati. The Reds now have a very formidable bullpen with the likes of Sam LeCure, Logan Ondrusek, Jose Arredondo, Nick Masset, lefties Bill Bray and Sean Marshall, and new closer Madson. That makes it a lot easier to have the patience to move Aroldis Chapman to the rotation. Still, if he can't survive there, the Reds will have one of the best trio of left handers in the bullpen in all of baseball.

I'm really loving this offseason, and hopefully it translates into an even better actual season. With Madson, Latos, and Marshall on board, there aren't any major moves left to be made by the Reds. Now they'll look to sign cheap, and I emphasize CHEAP, outfield bat and veteran infielder options. Those players will more than likely be bench players as the Reds do have Zack Cozart who figures to start at shortstop, and Chris Heisey who could start in left field if he had to. There aren't many quality outfielders on the market, but there's a possibility one of the guys left there could compete with Heisey or split time with him since his splits against left-handers are so bad. I'm thinking names like Ryan Theriot, Ryan Ludwick, or Rick Ankiel, who are all former players from St. Louis.


Scott Shrewsberry said...

I'm loving all of this chatter. Let the season begin. Go Redlegs.

Jimmi Adair said...

Me and you both! It helps ease the pain of watching the train wreck that is the Louisville Cardinals basketball team right now eh Scott?