Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sizing Up the Reds Potential '12 Bullpen

Bray and the rest of the Reds bullpen will
strike fear in the hearts of many a batter.
With the announced signing of Ryan Madson (although a contract is yet to be formalized), the Reds have all but formulated their bullpen for the upcoming 2012 season. What at one time looked to be a certain weakness going into the season, with the departure of Francisco Cordero, and the plans to move Aroldis Chapman to the starting rotation, has all of a sudden become one of the team's stronger points with the trade for Sean Marshall, one of the game's predominant left handed relievers, and the signing of Madson, who has been a more than capable reliever for most of his career and was a very effective full time closer in 2011. These two paired with the Reds' incumbent bullpen comprise quite a formidable unit.

Here's a look at the probable Opening Day bullpen, and how each member fared last season:

RH: Sam LeCure
2011 stats: 2-1, 3.71 ERA, 43 GP, 77.2 IP, 73 SO
Career stats (2 years): 4-6, 4.01 ERA, 58 GP, 125.2 IP, 110 SO

RH Logan Ondrusek
2011 stats: 5-5, 3.23 ERA, 66 GP, 61.1 IP, 41 SO
Career stats (2 years): 10-5, 3.45 ERA, 126 GP, 120 IP, 80 SO

RH Jose Arredondo
2011 stats: 4-4, 3.23 ERA, 53 GP, 53 IP, 48 SO
Career stats (3 years): 16-9, 3.40 ERA, 148 GP, 159 IP, 150 SO

LH Bill Bray
2011 stats: 5-3, 2.09 ERA, 79 GP, 48.1 IP, 44 SO
Career stats (5 years): 13-12, 3.67 ERA, 244 GP, 188.2 IP, 3 SV, 181 SO

RH Nick Masset
2011 stats: 3-6, 3.71 ERA, 75 GP, 70.1 IP, 1 SV, 62 SO
Career stats (6 years): 16-14, 3.78 ERA, 308 GP, 333 IP, 4 SV, 285 SO

LH Sean Marshall
2011 stats: 6-6, 2.26 ERA, 78 GP, 75.2 IP, 5 SV, 79 SO
Career stats (6 years): 32-40, 3.96 ERA, 292 GP, 530 IP, 7 SV, 439 SO

Closer RH Ryan Madson
2011 stats: 4-2, 2.37 ERA, 62 GP, 60.2 IP, 32 SV, 62 SO
Career stats (9 years): 47-30, 3.59 ERA, 491 GP, 630 IP, 52 SV, 547 SO

There are other possible options including, but not limited to the following, who all saw Major League time last year, but would be a downgrade from the above staff. Click their names to see their stats:

LH Aroldis Chapman**
RH Andrew Brackman
RH Josh Judy
RH Carlos Fisher
LH Jeremy Horst
RH Kanekoa Texeira
RH Jordan Smith
RH Chad Reineke

My views and notes
*Bray should initially be used as the lefty specialist, while Marshall should fill the role of left handed setup man, however depending on the situation, those roles could be easily reversed on a need-to-pitch basis.

*The four highest career ERAs on the list belong to LeCure, Masset, Marshall, and Madson who have all started at some point in their careers. Their career ERAs as relievers? LeCure (3.39), Masset (3.76), Marshall (2.67), Madson (3.04).

**Chapman is the one guy who could fill in a potentially vacant spot in this bullpen and make it equally as good. With the 'pen mainly set though, I look for Chapman to warm up his starter's arm in Louisville to begin the season since he didn't get to in winter ball, unless he has some miraculous spring showing. Don't expect Chapman to be in Louisville too long though because he's much too valuable to keep out of the majors for any extended period of time.

*Brackman signed a one year major league deal and still has options left.

*Fisher is out of options so we'll have to see what happens with him.

*This bullpen, on paper, looks really good.

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2r2d said...

I have a strange feeling there might be another move before the offseason is through to make the bullpen even better.

Anonymous said...

trade for Mariano?

Jimmi Adair said...

In what ways could it be improved anymore than it already is? I have to believe Jocketty is content with the bullpen he has in place now, but I have been known to be wrong before.