Monday, February 6, 2012

Minor league links for Monday

Greetings! Hopefully you didn't endulge too much into chicken wings, chips and cookies during last night's Super Bowl, but if you did here are some Reds minor league links to help get you going on this Monday morning. Enjoy.

Triple-A Louisville
*Get all the information you need on Bats season tickets by following this link.
*For those of you that have never experienced Thunder Over Louisville live in person, I highly suggest you check out this ticket plan from the Bats, which includes admission to a game and a seat to take in the largest firework display in North America later on in the evening. All this in celebration of the Kentucky Derby Festival.

Double-A Pensacola
*Get all the information you need regarding Blue Wahoos ticket here at this link.
*The team tested their brand-new stadium lights this past week and all seems to have went well. LINK.

Single-A Dayton
*Want a chance to get on the season ticket waiting list? Follow this link to do just that.
*The Dragons are having a storewide online sale to begin the season. Check out what they have to offer by clicking this link.

Rookie-League Billings
*You can view a PDF file of their 2012 schedule here.

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