Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Updated odds to win pennant, series

It's that time of year again -- Spring Training. Mitts are popping, bats are cracking, and teams are filled with hope and excitement that only a new season could bring. Fans have endured a long, wintry offseason just to get back to this point. And for the moment, every fan has visions of their team going on a magicial run to take both the pennant and the World Series in 2012.

While nobody can fault a person for dreaming big, the reality is some teams are simply more likely to win-it-all than others. And you better believe the oddsmakers in Las Vegas know this, and they know this very well.

With that in mind, here are the most up-to-date odds for each MLB team to win the World Series, courtesy of

Arizona Diamondbacks, 25/1
Atlanta Braves, 22/1
Baltimore Orioles, 150/1
Boston Red Sox, 10/1
Chicago Cubs, 40/1
Chicago White Sox, 60/1
Cincinnati Reds, 22/1
Cleveland Indians, 65/1
Colorado Rockies, 35/1
Detroit Tigers, 8/1
Miami Marlins, 16/1
Houston Astros, 200/1
Kansas City Royals, 75/1
Los Angeles Angels, 13/2
Los Angeles Dodgers, 40/1
Milwaukee Brewers, 35/1
Minnesota Twins, 65/1
New York Mets, 75/1
New York Yankees, 13/2
Oakland Athletics, 75/1
Philadelphia Phillies, 11/2
Pittsburgh Pirates, 75/1
San Diego Padres, 100/1
San Francisco Giants, 16/1
Seattle Mariners, 100/1
St. Louis Cardinals, 25/1
Tampa Bay Rays, 22/1
Texas Rangers, 10/1
Toronto Blue Jays, 40/1
Washington Nationals, 28/1

It seems as though the numbers have shifted a bit since our last odds post four weeks ago. Vegas had the Reds at 25/1 then, which at the time was tied for 7th-best (with Washington) in the National League. Now Cincinnati finds themselves tied with Atlanta for the 4th-best odds in the league, and tied with two others for 7th-best in MLB overall. Perhaps people are finally catching on to the fact that the Reds are poised to take control of the weakened NL Central.

And now here is a quick look at the updated odds for each NL club to win the pennant, courtesy of

Arizona Diamondbacks, 12/1
Atlanta Braves, 10/1
Chicago Cubs, 22/1
Cincinnati Reds, 10/1
Colorado Rockies, 16/1
Miami Marlins, 8/1
Houston Astros, 100/1
Los Angeles Dodgers, 20/1
Milwaukee Brewers, 16/1
New York Mets, 40/1
Philadelphia Phillies, 9/4
Pittsburgh Pirates, 40/1
San Diego Padres, 45/1
San Francisco Giants, 8/1
St. Louis Cardinals, 11/1
Washington Nationals, 14/1

As expected, the Redlegs also tied with the Braves for the 4th-best odds to win the pennant as well. If you go strictly off of this, the oddsmakers anticipate the three NL division winners to be the Phillies (NL East), the Reds (NL Central) and the Giants (NL West), with the new and improved Marlins to claim the fourth and final playoff spot (Wild Card). Of course, the great thing about baseball is that nothing ever goes according to plan. If you want proof just take a look back at the past two world champions (2010-SF/2011-STL).

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