Saturday, March 31, 2012

Notable stat rankings this spring

Yes, it's only spring and these games don't necessarily count. But I do believe we now have a good enough sample size to evaluate how teams stack up against one another. Here's a quick look at how the Redlegs rank among Major League Baseball in a few statistical categories:

The Good:
- The Reds have thrown out 17 potential base stealers this spring out of 34 attempts. That’s tied for the 2nd-most in MLB.
-They’ve successfully stolen 29 bases, which ties them for 5th-most. They’re tops in the league in stolen base percentage at 85%.
- The pitching staff has managed to pickoff seven runners this preseason…good for 2nd-most.
- Their .981 fielding percentage ranks among the top five in baseball.

The Bad:
- They’re sporting the 4th-worst team ERA at 5.21.
- Their WHIP of 1.44 is tied for 20th.
- Only the Arizona Diamondbacks have balked as many times as the Reds have this spring (5).
- No team has struckout more times this preseason than Cincy (255). That's a whopping 36 more times than the next closest team.
- They've managed to draw just 71 walks. That's the 4th-lowest total of any MLB team.

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