Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring training: Does it really matter? (part two)

To take a look back on part one from yesterday click here. Otherwise, enjoy part two!

Here is a quick chart showing the averages of the charts and statistics we looked at before. You know, just in case you glanced over it looking for a more concise chart and summary. It’s ok, we all do it.

Now, lets look at some more statistics. (Like I said earlier, it might get out of hand) This time lets take a look at team ERA and team batting average. Just like last time, we compare World Series Champions to teams who finished dead last in the league. Remember these are Spring Training statistics. The MLB rank is in parenthesis.

There is less information here to look at because it appears the Spring Training Statistics were not regularly and accurately kept until 2006. So that’s where we start. 

These are posted together because when looked at separately it appears there could be some correlation. Initially it looks like pitching is key, with all but one of the World Series teams having a Top-7 ERA. But twice, Washington had a Top-5 ERA and still managed to be last in the league. A common known fact is that pitchers typically start out better (as a whole) than hitters, due to timing. I’m aware that these numbers change throughout the season as players get back into the swing of things, but we are looking for a Spring Training correlation. There does not appear to be much difference, however feel free to make your own judgments.

Here is how our Cincinnati Reds are doing so far this year. Again, using the same categories and charts as before.

It certainly doesn’t look pretty at the moment. But there is still plenty of time to turn things around.

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