Friday, April 20, 2012

Photos: Cubs fan runs out on field!

It's not easy being a fan of the Chicago Cubs. The team's history of losing is enough to drive a person insane. Need proof? Apparently this fan was so cold, so fed up and so courageous (okay, I'm being nice) that he thought his hometown Cubs could use his presence on the field on Friday.

His efforts fell in vain, unfortunately, as the Lovable Losers were sent to their sixth consecutive defeat as the Redlegs roughed 'em up 9-4.

You have to admire his boldness though. The last place Cubs are in need of a spark and he was just doing his due diligence in providing one.

But perhaps even more admirable than his short-lived sprint around Wrigley was the vigilance showed by security personnel in tracking him down. Not only are the expressions on their faces priceless in the first two photos above, but they're hustle and determination might be something the Cubs players want to take note of. New team president Theo Epstein clearly has his work cut out for him in Chicago...both on the field and off.


Anonymous said...

The sad thing is he is a White Sox Fan, got arrested, and almost got a felony charge.

Anonymous said...

I don't know ANY Sox fan who would EVER wear Cubs gear. EVER! Any "Sox" fan who says he's a fan but wears a Cubs jacket is obviously a "Chicago" fan.