Sunday, April 22, 2012

Notable quotes from Sunday

The Reds escaped the Windy City with a 4-3 victory on Sunday -- winning the series and finishing the 10-game road trip with a modest mark of 4-6. While that may not be too impressive, it's not bad considering the fact that they lost five of the first six. Hopefully winning three of the last four will give them some momentum heading into the 9-game homestand.

Here are some notable quotes from yesterday:

“We had a lot games where we came up short and played extra innings. To come into Chicago where we’ve had a lot of trouble in the past it seems and win the series, hopefully this gives us momentum going home.” -Joey Votto on taking two out of three from the Cubs

“I was hoping he’d play Friday and Saturday. Then he’d have today and tomorrow to get treatment. But we had that cold weather Friday. Yesterday, I thought he was swinging a little too hard. I saw him wince a couple of times. We’ve got to get this thing out of there. This weather isn’t helping.” -Dusty Baker on Brandon Phillips' health/status

“We’re going to continue to be — I don’t want to say conservative — but we want to give ourselves an even better chance of him throwing without pain. It’s one of those things until he doesn’t have any discomfort in his exercises and things he’s doing, he’s not going to throw.” -Brian Price on the progression of Nick Masset's rehab. Masset has yet to resume throwing and has been on the DL all season with tendinitis in his right shoulder.

"It's a good cap to our weekend. Our team played hard under some tough conditions in Chicago. It's good to win a series and go home on the plane happy." -Sean Marshall after securing his third save of the year

"It was a good getaway day victory, which we always preach about here -- especially the last day of the road trip when you've been gone a long time. You have to keep pushing and not think about home and just think about what you've got to do. Now we can go home and enjoy our off-day." -Baker

"I felt like it broke my whole arm the first time he hit me. But after I laid down [on the dirt] and ran the bases, the hurt was gone and I felt pretty good." -Cubs SS Starlin Castro after getting plunked by Johnny Cueto in the seventh inning

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