Saturday, April 14, 2012

Phillips is serious about his glove, defense

Tim Kurkjian of recently penned a good read about "the personal nature of a player-glove relationship". And one of the players he highlighted in the piece was none other than Gold Glove second basemen Brandon Phillips. Here's the excerpt regarding BP in case you don't have the time to read the full article:

The first week of the baseball season is a special time for players and their gloves. The night before Opening Day, Reds second baseman Brandon Phillips explained the five gloves he had carefully placed in his locker. He has three practice gloves, all significantly smaller than his game glove; a smaller glove helps him look the ball into his glove a little better and a little longer. He has a backup game glove and his game glove, which was placed, pocket side down, with a batting glove strategically placed where his hand enters the glove.

"You can touch my practice gloves, but no one touches my game glove, no one," Phillips said with a smile, though he wasn't kidding. "I put the batting glove on top of my glove so I'll know if someone has touched my glove. If the batting glove has moved, someone touched my glove. [Reds pitcher
Mat Latos] held my glove this spring, but he didn't put it on. Hey, defense is important to me. If he'd put his hand in my glove, we'd have fought."

I highly recommend reading the whole thing if you get a chance. There's some pretty good stories in there.

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