Sunday, April 8, 2012

Reds Score Early and Late, Win 6-5

Jay Bruce hit 2 home-runs but Rolen
knocked in the winning one in the 9th.
He gets the nod for the picture!

Happy Easter Everyone. What better way to spend Easter Sunday than to hang out with the family, hunt eggs, and listen to the Reds on the radio. The game started off great as the Reds scored 3 runs in the first inning. However Bronson Arroyo coughed up several runs as Miami took the lead 5-4 heading into the final inning. Jay Bruce hit a line drive home-run to tie it 5-5. And Scott Rolen later had a pinch hit single to knock in Drew Stubbs for the winning run. As always, here is a look at the Good, Bad, and Notables for today's game.

The Good
- The Reds have now won the first series of the season.
-Zack Cozart continues his hot streak gathering a hit, run, rbi, and a walk on the day. He is gathering (VERY) early Rookie of the Year Votes
- Jay Bruce hit 2 home-runs  and is on pace to smash the single season record with 162! Losing 15 pounds during the off-season hasn't hurt his power.
-Despite getting put in the bullpen to start the year Aroldis Chapman picked up the Win. He pitched 2.0 innings striking out 3 batters and only giving up a single hit.
-The Reds did not walk a single batter. (Although Arroyo did hit one)

The Bad 
-It's always hard to come up with the Bad list after a win. A couple things will probably pop up many times during the season as we keep an eye on them. Drew Stubbs and his strikeouts, and Arroyo's success (or lack thereof)
-Drew Stubbs struck out 2 times. I know it seems like we pick on him but a huge key to the success of the team rides on him cutting down on his strike out rate.
-Ryan Hanigan had a throwing error that allowed an unearned run.
- Arroyo gave up 5 runs (4 earned) in 6.1 innings giving up 10 hits. It seemed like he was struggling thorough-out the game but he battled. We certainly would like to see just a little better from him.

The Notables
- After 2 sellouts, the Reds saw a modest crowd of 23,539.
- The Reds welcome the defending Champions St. Louis Cardinals (or as BP says "the little B*****s") into town tomorrow for a 3 game series.
- Currently the Cardinals are 3-1 and hold a half-game lead
-Keep your eyes on the games and expect some fireworks as we are all aware of the tension between the 2 teams.

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