Friday, April 6, 2012

What 'experts' are saying about Votto deal

Rosenthal is one of many media experts criticizing the deal

"The Reds look like they have no plan. They always say they have no money for deals. Then they spend $30 million on Aroldis Chapman. They say they have no money. And now this.'' -An anonymous competing GM

"This is one of the crazier seeming contracts in baseball history...Castellini gets credit for wanting to to deliver a winner, and spending that money he previously pocketed. But I side with the majority here. As a baseball deal, it makes no sense." -Jon Heyman of (LINK)

"Joey Votto signing was Bob Castellini-driven, says source. Some concern about the long-term math from rest of ownership group."'s Jerry Crasnick

"Reds fans might not want to hear it, but the better move for the team might have been to trade Votto during the offseason. The Blue Jays, sitting on one of the game’s deepest farm systems, might have gone all-out to land Votto, a native of Toronto....Castellini had stars in his eyes. Castellini determined that the Reds would keep Votto, then figure out everything else later." -Ken Rosenthal of

"From year to year, he will likely account for 20 to 25 percent of their payroll, meaning that a notable decline in his performance, or a debilitating injury, could cripple their ability to compete. They also will have a major star to anchor their lineup and present in their next negotiation for a television contract."'s Buster Olney (LINK)

"This is absolute insanity, but you have to at least like seeing a guy like him stay with his hometown club, even if the risk may outweigh the reward. You wonder if this type of market is at all sustainable. These players are being treated as once-in-a-generation types, which is hard to argue with Pujols, but wow. Astounding." -One NL scout

"In giving Joey Votto what we are reporting is a 10-year, $225 million extension, the Reds make what I can only assume is a panic signing, a full year and a half before free agency. It's an extension they almost certainly will regret before it reaches its halfway point." -Keith Law of (LINK)

"Without Votto, they probably can't win. Yes, they could have kept him for two more years and then lost him to free agency; or they could have kept him for a year and then traded him for prospects. But if they want to win for the next five or six years, they need a player of Votto's stature." -David Schoenfield of (LINK)

What Votto said in his press conference on Wednesday. This was his closing statement:

“I always try to do my best,” he said. “I know that doesn’t mean very much to average fan or media member. My only goal in my career is to be the very best I can be. I can’t promise health or production. But I can promise I’m going to do my best. I worked my tail off to get here. I was poor defensive first baseman. I turned myself into a Gold Glover. No one thought I’d ever become a Most Valuable Player. But I did. That’s from hard, focus. Going forward, you’ll get same guy.”

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