Thursday, May 17, 2012

7 Reds move up in ESPN's new fantasy baseball top 250 list

Only three players rank ahead of Votto in the new rankings

If there's one thing we know about life, it's that it never goes exactly according to plan. And the folks that cover fantasy baseball over at know this as well. That is precisely why they recently wadded up their preseason Top 250 list and re-ranked it using what they know now. It's amazing how much can change in just a month and a half.

Here's how the Reds fared in the new rankings compared to the old one. I've also included their highest and their lowest ranking assigned to them by the pollsters:

Remember, this list is based off the player's value in fantasy baseball, (ie-production) not necessarily the value he would provide to a given team.

- Joey Votto claimed the 4th overall spot after ranking 10th. (HI-3, LO-12)
- Jay Bruce climbed 12 spots to take over 26th. (HI-18, LO-37)
- Brandon Phillips actually slid back five paces to 59th. (HI-52, LO-78)
- Johnny Cueto continues to get overlooked, in my opinion, as he comes in at 93rd. However, it is a massive improvement from being 147th in the preseason. (HI-
- Mat Latos tumbled from 92nd to 103rd. (HI-93, LO-124)
- Drew Stubbs inched up three places to 104th. (HI-83, LO-148)
- Sean Marshall jumped up to 203rd after placing 235th. (HI-165, LO-NR)
- Aroldis Chapman cracked the top 250 nestling in at 225. He was previously not ranked. (HI-166, LO-NR)

Other notables:
- Ryan Braun (MIL) edged out former front-runner Miguel Cabrera (DET) for the top spot.
- Despite his monumental slump, Albert Pujols (LAA) only slid from 2nd to 11th.
- Adam Dunn (CHW) shot up nearly 100 spots to 111th. His 12 homers this year have already surpassed his total (11) for all of 2011.
- Jacoby Ellsbury (BOST) may have experienced the worst fall out of anyone. He went from 8th to 108th.
- His teammate, Carl Crawford, also dropped like a sandbag from 70th to 186th.

You can view the list in its entirety here.

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