Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Cincinnati slips two spots in latest power rankings

Not even Votto could prevent the Reds from
slipping in the rankings

After creeping up to the 12th spot in ESPN's MLB Power Rankings last week, the Reds fell two spots to 14th in the latest batch released on Monday. That's not too surprising considering they needed a herculean effort from Joey Votto on Sunday to avoid getting swept at home by the Nationals. They did however, manage to take two out of three from the Brew Crew at Miller Park -- a feat that obviously didn't impress the pollsters.

Here's how the rest of the National League Central fared from last week's rankings....

- St. Louis held their ground at no. 5.
- The Astros climbed three spots to nestle in at 20th.
- Milwaukee fell two slots to no. 22.
- The Buccos inched up one to 24th.
- The Lovable Losers from Chicago remained unchanged at no. 27.

Other notables:
- The Rangers, who rode the Josh Hamilton gravy train these past seven days, overtook the Rays for the no. 1 overall position. Joe Maddon and the Rays fell all the way to no. 6.
- The upstart Baltimore Orioles continue to surprise as they now are the third-best team in baseball, according to these rankings.
- Ozzie Guillen's Marlins made the biggest jump (+10) of any team rocketing from 22nd to 12th.
- Todd Helton and the Rockies experienced the biggest drop (-9) after tumbling to 26th from 17th.

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Anonymous said...

The O's fans should print and frame that 3rd-place listing... won't last.