Thursday, June 7, 2012

Keith Law evaluates Cincy's draft

The 2012 MLB First-Year Player Draft concluded on Wednesday afternoon and you know what that means don't you? It means that it's time for us to (over) analyze, (over) scrutinize and otherwise (try to) evaluate how each team fared.

Personally, I don't see how it's really possible to accurately critique the winners and losers of a draft so soon, but there are those who insist on doing so. Simply stated, I'm of the belief that you cannot truly evaluate a draft class until at least several years have passed -- and perhaps even more along the lines of 10-15, to be honest with you. By then the proverbial cream will have risen to the top and the once hazy picture that loomed over the prospects will have cleared to the point of crystal clear visibility.

With that said, that's not going to stop anyone from attempting to sort through this madness and that's totally okay by me. Their evaluations give us something to mull over while we wait and see how these players pan out in the long-run. So, without further ado, here's what ESPN Insider Keith Law had to say about the Reds:

Cincinnati Reds
Summary: Nick Travieso (1) was a reach for me at 14, a huge arm-strength guy (up to 99) who will flash a plus slider but is maybe 50/50 to end up a starter. Jesse Winker (1A) was a high-profile guy before the season, but he's a corner outfielder whose entire game in his bat, which was disappointing this spring. He is a risk to have huge platoon splits in pro ball. Jeff Gelalich (1A) was solid value as a fairly toolsy college player who should stay in right and who improved his approach dramatically this year, allowing his raw power to show up more in games. Tanner Rahier (2) was a fringe first-rounder for me as an advanced high school bat who might not stay at short but should make enough line-drive contact to profile at third. Dan Langfield (3) is another arm-strength guy with a history of below-average command and control due to a stiff, pie-thrower delivery. Jon Moscot (4) has good control with a four-pitch mix, although his arm action is a little messy in back. Beau Amaral (7) has a chance as an extra outfielder. His father, Rich, played for Seattle and Baltimore in the 1990s.

Law also provides draft evaluations for the other 29 MLB teams as well in this post (must be an Insider subscriber to view).

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