Tuesday, June 12, 2012

List of Reds draft picks who have signed

Negotiations continue with several of the team's 42 draft picks including first rounder Nick Travieso (14th overall). With that said, there are many draftees who have already signed on the dotted line. Here is an up-to-date list of those players who the Reds have been able to ink to deals so far:

1s (49) Jesse Winker OF Olympia High School (FL)

2 (78) Tanner Rahier SS Palm Desert High School (CA)

3 (109) Dan Langfield RHP University of Memphis

4 (142) Jon Moscot RHP Pepperdine

5 (172) Mason Felt LHP Hebron Christian Academy (GA)

6 (202) Joe Hudson C Notre Dame

11 (352) Nolan Becker LHP Yale

12 (382) Brent Peterson SS Bakersfield J.C. (CA)

15 (472) Bennett Klimesh RHP Trinity University (TX)

16 (502) Nick Routt LHP Mississippi State

18 (562) Jackson Stepehns RHP Oxford High School (AL)

21 (652) Jordan Remer LHP Univ. of San Francisco

22 (682) Avain Rachal SS Cypress-Fairbanks High School (TX)

24 (742) Michael Saunders RHP Saginaw State

25 (772) Sean Lucas LHP Albany (NY)

28 (862) Matthew Wiley RHP Univ. of Houston

31 (952) Michael Salter RHP Cisco Junior College (TX)

34 (982) Richard McCaffrey LHP UC Santa Barbara

As part of the foremost changes in the new five-year collective bargaining agreement, MLB has set the recommended bonus pool for Cincinnati at $6,653,800.

Update: Multiple sources are reporting that the team and first round pick Nick Travieso are nearing a deal that would net the right-hander $2MM, which is approximately $375,000 below the MLB recommended limit for the 14th overall draft slot. The extra money saved from his contract will go toward other draftees compenstation.

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