Monday, June 18, 2012

Notable quotes, notes from the weekend

+ “I mean, you’re throwing a projectile 90-plus miles an hour. Evidently they were trying to throw him inside after he hit that ball to left center field, a pitch low and away. No, we didn’t think there was any intent. Every time somebody gets hit now, people think there’s intent. In the umpire’s opinion, if there had been, then he would have issued a warning.”
-Dusty Baker on Mets pitcher Dillon Gee hitting Joey Votto with a pitch during a 7-3 victory

+ “That’s the way you play the game. I know we didn’t hit Joey on purpose, but you take care of your guys. We would have done the same thing.”
-New York 3B David Wright after getting plunked himself in Friday's affair at Citi Field

+ “It feels like we’re building a little bit more momentum offensively. We’re starting to put more runs on the board. The pitching staff has been pretty consistent from day one and the defense has been great, so really the only thing you can attribute this to is scoring a few more runs.”
-Bronson Arroyo after lifting his record to 3-4 on the season

+ “We are still close but not yet finished. Expect it to be done in the next few days.”
-GM Walt Jocketty on the progress of reaching a deal with first round pick Nick Travieso

+ “Homer was outstanding. He had a real good breaking ball, located his fastball well and threw some occasional quality split-fingers. He was dealing tonight. He’s been pitching well. He got roughed up I think a couple of starts before this, but other than that he’s been very reliable.”
-Baker on Homer Bailey's (5-4) strong start (8 IP, 6 H, 1 ER) in a 4-1 win

+ "I don't regret throwing the pitch. I regret hanging it on the inside part of the plate. Hindsight's 20-20. I probably should have thrown a fastball up and in and been done with it. Maybe he would have swung through it, maybe not. But that's baseball. It's one pitch, one mistake, cost me the game."
-Mets starter Jonathan Niese (4-3) on surrendering a 3-run homer to Jay Bruce

+ "Nobody’s better than Scott Rolen. I don’t expect you to be Scott Rolen. I just want you to be yourself, concentrate and play the best defense that you can play. Nobody gets to balls like Scott Rolen. Nobody throws the ball as accurately across the diamond. It’s on the money every time.”
-Baker on Scott Rolen. Rolen blasted a 438-foot homer in a rehab assignment on Saturday and could be activated as soon as today (Monday)

+ "We got outpitched, we got outhit. They did exactly what we've been doing, and that is they get the top of the order up with that outstanding middle of the lineup they have to come in and drive in runs."
-Mets manager Terry Collins after being swept

+ "I'd probably give it an 8 1/2. A lot of people just said it looked effortless. It's hard to really grade something when it looked like it just naturally happened. But I practice on stuff like that in batting practice. ... It just happened. It's just something that just came natural. I'm glad we made the play."
-Brandon Phillips after flipping the ball between his legs to start a double play

+ "After I hit that double and got to second, my eyes were blurry and I was dizzy and I felt like I was going to throw up. After that, I relaxed. I felt better and I threw the kind of game I wanted to throw."
-Johnny Cueto after the 3-1 victory, which raised his record to 8-3

+ The Reds and Marlins are the only teams in MLB to use only five starting pitchers this season.
+ Jay Bruce's inside-the-park home run was the 6th such homer in MLB this season. It marked the first inside-the-park homer for the Reds since Drew Stubbs did it on June 17, 2011. It was also Bruce's first career inside-the-park dinger.
+ Sunday's victory solidified the first 3-game sweep over the Mets in New York by the Reds since April 2001.
+ Cincy embarks upon a 3-game set against the Indians in Cleveland beginning tonight at 7:05et. The Reds swept away their instate rivals in a 3-game series this past Tuesday-Thursday. Baker's bunch needs only one victory in this series to earn them the right to hoist the Ohio Cup.
+ The Redlegs are currently a season-high 11 games over .500 at 38-27. Their current 6-game winning streak is also a season high.

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