Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ranking the Reds’ top ten hitters so far this season

Frazier has emerged as one of the team's
leading run-producers of late
by: Chase Fitzgerald
Guest Blogger

Ranking the Redlegs' best hitters up onto this point in the season from 10-1. Here we go:

10. Devin Mesoraco It pains me to put Devin Mesoraco at 10th but he has not been having a good year. That may be due to the lack of playing time he is receiving but in his small sample size, he hasn’t been very impressive. He has a very few number of RBIs but that may be due to batting 8th. He does have 4 homeruns so just fewer than half his RBIs are himself. There is something wrong there. I expect him to improve from 10th on this list with getting more playing time but for now he is the 10th best batter on this team.

9. Chris Heisey I have watched every Red’s game and was shocked when I saw his overall stats. His average is hovering around .260 and that’s above average for this team but his RBI total is low. He hasn’t been getting a lot of playing time which is part of his low RBI total but he has still not been very productive. For instance, him and Cozart have been batting 1st and 2nd most of the year and even though Cozart has 80 more at bats them him, Cozart has scored 20 more times. I know that may not mean anything to some people, but Cozart has been getting more extra base hits than Heisey and Heisey’s power is almost non-existent. To be more productive, Heisey must find his last years form.

8. Ryan Hanigan Ryan Hanigan has been “sneaky good” this year. His batting average is around .300 and that is second on the team. He has been very productive this year which has earned him more playing time over Mesoraco. I haven’t heard any rumor involving him but it wouldn’t surprise me if he is traded this season to make room for Devin Mesoraco. His RBI total is low but that is because he is hitting 8th and there aren’t that many opportunities batting 8th.

7. Ryan Ludwick Ryan Ludwick’s stats are very interesting. He has over 20 RBIs yet his average is just over .200. He is 4th on this team in RBIs and has come up big when we most needed it. He is very good with runners in scoring position. He is also 4th on this team in slugging. Even though left field is considered a problem and Heisey has been getting more playing time, Ludwick has been very productive and in my opinion should get more playing time than Heisey.

6. Drew Stubbs Drew Stubbs has been vastly underperforming this season but yet he is still a top 6 hitter on this team. Even though is average is very low, his on base percentage is .300 which is about average. He has been improving batting in the number 2 spot because he is seeing a lot more strikes. It was a toss up between him and Ludwick for number 6 but since Stubbs has a higher average (sadly) he gets the nod.

5. Zack Cozart Zack Cozart’s average is like mostly every red’s hitter; very low. His average is lower than expected but I expect that to rise. On the good side, his power is more than expected. He has the 5th highest OPS on the Reds which landed him 5th on this list. He is second on the team in runs and has a good slugging percentage. He has been very good defensively but this list ranks just on hitting, He has close to 20 RBIs but that is mostly because of him batting leadoff. All together, Cozart has been a big improvement at shortstop from last year and may hold that spot for a long time.

4. Brandon Phillips Brandon Phillips has dropped off from last year but that was expected. He is doing about what I projected him to do this year. His average is about .270 and he has 30+ RBIs. You can thank Joey Votto for giving Phillips so many opportunities to get those RBIs. He is very productive and has helped the team a lot. He is usually a lead-off hitter but with the lack of a clean-up hitter, Phillips stepped into that role and has been good. He has struggled at times but he is still a top 5 hitter on this team.

3. Todd Frazier This guy is just amazing. All Red’s fans were expecting Zack Cozart to be this team’s rookie sensation but Frazier has taken that role. He has only half the at-bats as the usual starters and yet is still 5th. He is very clutch and at times when it seems everyone else is struggling. In my opinion, he needs to be batting 4th so Phillips can go back to leadoff. There is too much to say about Todd Frazier. He hit a walk off homerun, has been a top 3 hitter for this team, and even saved a guys life! The real question is; what can’t he do?

2. Jay Bruce Jay Bruce season has been like always: streaky. He has some hot streaks that are unbelievable and he has some dry streaks that are also unbelievable. With all of that, he is still leading the team in homeruns and contending with Votto for the RBI lead. He may be turning into a superstar and with some work and the right mindset; I wouldn’t be surprised to see this kid with a MVP trophy in his trophy case very soon.

1. Joey Votto Could it be anyone else? Joey Votto has not only been by far the best hitter on this team, but he is also the best hitter in the entire MLB. His OBP is close to .500 which is just not human. He is on pace to break a doubles record and leads the league in OBP, slugging, and OPS. He is also closing in on the average leader. In all, Votto is the best hitter on this team and this team’s success rides on Joey Votto.


Anonymous said...

Where do you start with what everything that is wrong with this article? Hanigan will not get traded. Heisey is a better hitter than Ludwick who wouldn't have as many RBI opportunities if it weren't for Heisey getting on base. If Ludwick were playing everyday the others wouldn't have as many RBI's either. A .300 OBP (Stubbs)is not anywhere close to average for a #1 or #2 hitter. Todd Frazier is amazing? He's decent, but far from amazing. I do love his play, but not an amazing hitter. Bruce is good, but I don't think he's second best on this team. He gives tons of at-bats away. Votto was an easy one. The rest are debatable.

Anonymous said...

This is chase. I know Hanigan probably won't get traded but it's a possibility and I hope he does. .300 is average for a regular hitter and that's good for this team. Ludwick has been getting more RBI opportunities but he has been making the most of them. And Bruce has been the second best so far.