Sunday, June 10, 2012

Reds, Tigers all set for primetime

The Reds and Tigers conclude their 3-game set with a nationally televised bout on ESPN Sunday Night Baseball beginning at 8:06et tonight.

The affair will mark the 25th all-time appearance for the Reds on baseball's biggest stage. They're 8-16 in previous matchups including just 1-7 in their last eight dating back to 2001. It will be the first time they've ever competed against an American League squad in such an occasion.

Below is a complete list of the results from their previous games played on ESPN SNB:

 Date     Opponent       Result
7/24/11  vs Braves     Win (4-3)
6/12/11  at Giants       Loss (2-4)
5/29/11  at Braves      Loss (1-2)
4/24/11  at Cardinals  Loss (0-3)
5/8/05   vs Dodgers    Loss (9-3)
8/3/03   vs Giants       Loss (7-3)
6/3/01   at Cardinals   Loss (4-3)
5/13/01 vs Astros       Loss (4-3)
8/13/00 at Cubs         Win (3-0)
5/14/00 at Astros        Loss (10-3)
6/23/96 at Mets         Win (2-1)
6/2/96   vs Braves      Loss (6-2)
5/5/96   at Giants       Win (12-6)
9/17/95 vs Braves      Loss (4-1)
4/3/94   vs Cardinals  Loss (6-4)
8/15/93 vs Braves      Loss (1-0)
5/9/93   at Astros       Loss (6-3)
4/11/93 at Cardinals  Win (4-3)
8/30/92 at Mets         Loss (4-3)
6/14/92 vs Dodgers   Win (5-1)
8/25/91 at Mets         Loss (2-1)
8/4/91   vs Giants      Win (6-5)
7/21/91 at Pirates      Loss (6-0)
6/24/90 vs Dodgers   Win (10-6)


Anonymous said...

Since Homer is pitching tonigt I thought this was appropriate.

Article in Dayton Dailey News today by Jim Morrison about Homer Bailey. Seems Homer and his $2,425,000 annual salary has a defiant attitude toward Reds fans (you know the ones who buy the tickets that pay the salary that most of us can't grasp).
His quote: I was like, ‘You know what, this is bull (crap),’ ” Bailey said. “But that’s just how Cincinnati fans are. They’re so fair-weathered and so bandwagonny.”
I for one take offense at being called fair-weather and bandwagonny. I've been a die hard Reds fan for 60 years, through the good the bad and the ugly. But I remained a loyal Reds fan. Maybe Homer can't handle the fact that in his 6th year of MLB experience, that we should expect more consistency and durability and wins from someone who received approximately $110,000 per game pitched last year.
And what are his goals for the future? Again his quote: "Every kid drafted in the first round out of high school, the fans think they’re going to be in the big leagues for a year or two and then they’re going to win the Cy Young, they’re going to be MVP, they’re going to be Joey Votto,” Bailey said. “It just doesn’t work like that. I don’t really put big goals on things like that. I’m just trying to get better." The great players like Votto and others have lofty goals and work hard to obtain them. Sounds like Homer's not interested in that approach. Just says it doesn't work that way. Tell Votto that Homer.
Finally, what is his goal for today’s game? His words again. “The only goal I have right now is for my first pitch Sunday night to be a strike, and that’s the honest truth.” So Homer, if its a strike , then you have accomplished your goal for today. You definetly don't sound like a goal oriented motivated person, but nonchalant about results. Maybe if you had some fire in your belly to be the best, you would understand your fans better and not see them as fair-weather ones.
But of course you the one making $110,000 per game regardless, so you can stick with your attitude that mediocrity is OK

Jimmi Adair said...

I for one don't think Homer Bailey will ever be an elite pitcher in the big leagues. He just doesn't have IT.