Thursday, June 14, 2012

Video: Man down! Carlos Santana levels Reds fan in pursuit of foul ball

It was a tough, tough series for the entire Cleveland Indians ball club as they were swept by the Reds on Thursday. But it had to be especially tough for one member of the Tribe in particular -- Carlos Santana.

Seen here is the first basemen/catcher/designated hitter leavng his feet into the crowd in pursuit of a foul ball struck by Todd Frazier. His attempt didn't end well for anybody as he not only failed to make the catch, but he leveled a pretty sizeable Reds fan in the process.

Now Santana isn't a small guy by any stretch at 6-foot, 210-pounds, but I'd venture to say he'll be filling the effects of that play, and this series, for at least the next couple days. 

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