Saturday, July 7, 2012

All five starters for Reds now have a complete game

With Bronson Arroyo’s complete-game shutout of the Padres last night, every Reds’ starter has now thrown a complete game this year. This is quite doubly impressive as it has occurred before the All-Star break and the Reds have only used the five starters with which they began the year. In contrast, the Reds used 10 starters in all of 2011 and only got four complete games out of that staff, with Johnny Cueto of course getting three, and Arroyo getting one. The 2010 NL Central Champions used nine starting pitchers and also got just four CG. Arroyo led the way with two, while Cueto and Homer Bailey each had one.

It’s hard to say which performance is the best. Cueto and Mat Latos have both achieved the feat twice, while Arroyo is the only pitcher to own a shutout for the Redlegs. Remember when he almost threw a no-hitter too? It's not like there's a whole lot to complain about with the ones from Bailey and Mike Leake. I mean they were complete game wins, right? Both of Latos’ games were very good, especially the one where he allowed just four hits while striking out 13.

You can make the decision yourself. Below is a compilation of the seven complete games owned by Reds' starting pitchers. For clarity, it is the date followed by the opponent, the game score, and the line.

Johnny Cueto
May 4th @ PIT - W 6-1 - 9ip 7h 1r 1er 0bb 4so
June 12th vs CLE - W 7-1 - 9ip 6h 1r 1er 0bb 7 so

Mat Latos
June 25th vs MIL - 9ip 4 h 1r 1er 2bb 13so
June 30th @ SF - 9ip 2h 1r 1er 0bb 7so

Homer Bailey
May 29th @ PIT - W 8-1 - 9ip 4h 1r 1er 1 bb 5so

Mike Leake
June 29th @SF - W 5-1 - 9ip 9h 1r 1er 1bb 4so

Bronson Arroyo
July 6th @ SD - W 6-0 - 9ip 3h 0r 0er 1bb 8so

I couldn't find any stats on how many times this has happened before the All-Star break in modern history so if anyone knows, it'd be some good trivia.

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