Monday, July 30, 2012

Longtime voice of the Reds to shave head as part of promise

It's been said before, you don't make promises that you can't or don't intend to keep. One person who's undoubtedly rehashing this in their mind right now is none other than longtime radio broadcaster Marty Brennaman. This is because the 70-year old wound up on the losing end of a promise on Sunday and must now hold up his end of the bargain, which is to shave off what's left of the poofy hair that lies on top of his head.

It all started a few weeks ago when Brennaman jokingly told team bench coach, Chris Speier, that he'd go bald if the Reds ripped off a streak of 10 wins in a row. At the time, the feat seemed near impossible as the club hadn't been unable to win more than six consecutively after three attempts. However, they were able to get over the hump in their most recent streak, obviously, and eventually notched their tenth straight victory in Colorado on Sunday. Thus, prompting the players, coaches, team personnel and fans alike to remind Brennaman of his promise.

Said the iconic man of the mic afterward, "I'm a man of my word...I'll do it".

He'll do it alright, but it isn't likely to come until Friday in the Cincinnati clubhouse. Why the delay, you may ask? The golden-piped Brennaman has TV commericals to appear in during the early part of the week and fears that the ones shooting them wouldn't be too happy with his new doo. Or as All-Star second basemen, Brandon Phillips, referred to the look as in a tweet...a #BabyNutSack.

Homer Bailey initially volunteered to man the clippers, but has since backed off.

“I don’t need to cut his hair,” Bailey said. “You probably will need wire cutters. I’m not qualified to use heavy machinery. He can still talk bad on the radio, but now he can do it bald.”

I believe I speak for all of Reds Nation when proclaiming that this may be the greatest and most-anticipated haircut by a member of the Reds of all-time.

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