Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ranking the current Reds with the most trade value

What could the Reds get in exchange for this guy?
Answer: A king's ransom

by: Chase Fitzgerald
Staff Writer

A lot of people on Twitter are asking questions like; what can we get for (insert player name here)? Or what would we need to give up to get (insert player name here)? So in light of trying to clear that up, I made a list of the current Reds with the most trade value. This is not saying that any of these players will be traded and for some of them there is absolutely no chance. This is just trying to give you more of an idea of some of the current Reds trade value. So, let’s get started.

10. Drew Stubbs
Drew Stubbs has been a disappointment, but he wasn’t a top draft pick for nothing. He is a great fielder, one of the fastest players in baseball, and has a lot of power. There are plenty of teams that would take the chance on him just because of his potential. He’s the kind of player that could have a 30/30 season. He would probably be the center piece in a deal to get a player if in fact he was traded and I guarantee you teams will want Stubbs.

9. Homer Bailey
Homer Bailey is finally having a good year and may be finally reaching his prime. He has a well under 4 ERA and by the end of the day, he could be a 10 game winner. With good starting pitching being very rare to find, the former 5th ranked prospect in all of baseball would be able to get some good prospects. Remember, Homer Bailey is only 26. He has plenty of time to get better and has a lot of potential so he does have good trade value.

8. Todd Frazier
Frazier has been excellent this season and may even win rookie of the year. I don’t think there is a single team in the league that wouldn’t want him. He can play pretty much any position so whatever the team’s need is, he could fill it. He’s hit around .280 this season and in a full season as an everyday player, he could easily produce 20 HR and 80 RBIs. The main reason he has a lot of trade value is because he can play everywhere but don’t look over the fact he has middle-of-the-order hitting.

7. Devin Mesoraco
People seem to forget that Mesoraco was the number one prospect in the Reds organization last year. He is very good catcher that can hit. Once he develops and starts becoming the everyday catcher, he could become a clean-up hitter. He has not had a good year offensively so his trade value isn’t as high as it was at the beginning of the year but he could rake in some good players.

6. Mat Latos
Once again Latos’ value isn’t as high as it was at the beginning of the year. The Reds traded three top 10 prospects for him and a former all-star pitcher. Latos has not had the year the Reds expected but he is still a 24 year old pitcher who when “on” can dominate any line-up. He has great “stuff” and is still developing as a pitcher. Remember he is still only 24 years old. I don’t think he can get the same value the Red’s traded for him but he could one or two very good prospects.

5. Brandon Phillips
This spot was a toss-up between Phillips and Latos. I decided it had to be Phillips for many reasons. First off, he is the best defender in the game. Frankly I think we have become spoiled because of him. He makes some plays routinely that 95% of second baseman don’t make ever. Also, he is just entering the prime in his career and he is arguably the best second baseman in baseball. He leads all second baseman in RBIs and his average is creeping up to .300. He also just signed a 6 year contract so any team that traded for him would have him for a while. He could bring in a lot of prospects from a contending team right now.

4. Aroldis Chapman
Chapman has arguably been the best pitcher in baseball this year and it seems like he is striking out every batter he faces. No player really has a chance when facing Chapman. Their best chance is to just close their eyes, swing the bat, and hope for the best. The Reason that he is not higher is because we don’t know whether he can succeed as a starting pitcher. All signs point to that he can but you can’t just assume those types of things. He is still the most dominant pitcher in baseball and any team would jump at the chance to get him.

3. Jay Bruce
This spot was also a toss-up but because Chapman hasn’t had the chance to prove if he can be a successful starting pitcher Bruce got it. Many people forget that Bruce is one of the youngest players on the team. He is a 25 year old who has already hit over 30 homeruns in a season and will probably do it again this year. He still hasn’t lived up to his potential but he is still just 25. He has the potential to turn into the best player in the league and at worst case scenario he can still hit .250 with 90 RBIs and 25 HRs. He would bring in a haul of prospects because he is already a two-time all star at 25 and he still can do much better. But don’t worry Red’s fans, he isn’t going anywhere.

2. Johnny Cueto
Cueto is probably the most under rated pitcher in all of baseball. He has the lowest ERA in all the majors since the start of last season and he could lead the NL in ERA by the end of the day depending on how Ryan Dempster pitches. He has 12 wins so far this year despite ranking 98th in the league in run support. He just dominates every lineup he faces and is extremely consistent. In his last 10 games, he has only allowed 3 runs twice and has allowed 1 or 0 runs 5 times. He could get better prospects than we got for Latos and any team would want a pitcher of Cueto’s caliber not to mention one who could possibly win the Cy Young.

1. Joey Votto
Votto right now is the best player in baseball and could pretty much get any prospect the Reds wanted. He is right in his prime and it seems like he is getting better if that’s even possible. His OBP is ridiculous and he gets on base close to every 2 at bats. He was also on pace to break the over 80 year old doubles record and will probably lead the league in doubles despite missing two weeks. There is endless amount of good things to say about Joey Votto but basically he is just plain out amazing. I would like to mention he has a full no-trade clause in his new 12 year contract so don’t worry everyone, he’s not going anywhere.


Anonymous said...

Votto is absolutely not the best player in baseball... Maybe top 5, more likely top ten. Trout is better, Cano, Trumbo, Hamilton, Cabrera, McCutchen, Wright are all better right now. Votto is good but definitly not the best player in baseball, not even close. And I am not including pitchers, just position players. Also, Bruce is not anything more than a Jay Buhner clone, he was never supposed to be the best player in the league and no one thinks he will one day become that. He is a free swinging low average guy who will hit around 25-30 Hr and peak in the high 30's or low 40's while hitting at .240-.260 for his career. I dont think anyone has higher expectations than that.

Anonymous said...

Forgot Ryan Braun is also better, and arguments could be made that Edwin Encarnation is having a better season, adam Jones may be more valuable, and Cabrera refers to both Miguel and Melky. Votto has a high average and OBP but half the power and his average isnt as high as McCutchen or Trout, both of whom play a more important defensive position and have more HR and rbi. So please stop saying Votto is the best player in baseball. Hes top ten and arguably borderline top 5 but not close to the best this year. And i would still take Pujold despite his down year over him.

Anonymous said...

this dude is a joke im a huge reds fan and even a bigger baseball fan and for you to put a rookie in the same catagory as a joey votto ur a plain out idiot. edwin is having a career year and will never keep up them #s as far as mcCutchen yeah very good tear and deserves some credit the dude keeps getting better and better but he doesnt compare to votto not even close .... you must be a sry ass cardinals fan

Mike said...

The only player mentioned thus far that deserves to be mentioned in Votto's class is Kano. All of the others except Braun are a step below. Trout is off to a geat start, but the sample size for him is too small to start comparing him to Votto. As for Hamilton, he has spent a lot of time on the DL in the last couple of years, and his body may not hold up in the long haul after years of substance abuse.

Braun is a fraud. The only reason he is still in the league is that his HGH conviction was tossed on a technicality. Encarnacicion is a butcher in the field. Never will be a consistent gold glove calibur player, so his offensive numbers make it
irrelevant to compare him to Votto.