Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Reds land extra draft pick due to lottery

The Reds were one of 13 teams in the running to receive an extra draft pick in the first-ever Competitive Balance Lottery on Wednesday. Luckily for them, they didn't come away empty-handed as they picked up the fifth pick in the group of six "Round A" selections. What's that mean you ask? That means that they now own the 36th overall selection in the 2013 MLB Draft, in addition to their first round pick which should range between the 20th-30th overall range.

The original 13 teams entered into the lottery were a combination of the 10 lowest revenue clubs and 10 lowest market teams. The Tigers were added to Round B because they were the lone team not in the original group that receives revenue sharing money.

Cincinnati now has some options with what they can do with it. They can keep the pick for next year's Draft, or they can opt to trade it -- either leading up to the July 31 Trade Deadline or at any point during the regular season before next year's Draft.

Only a team that wins a pick in the lottery can trade it, meaning that selection can be traded just once. They cannot be included in any Winter Meetings deals, however, with trading of picks again permitted at the beginning of the following regular season.

Here's how the lottery was determined:

The odds for each team receiving a pick were weighted in favor of the teams with the most losses in 2011. For each pick, four ping-pong balls were drawn from the tumbler. The combination of the four numbers - all 999 of them - were assigned to a team. The teams with the worst records from last year had the most combinations. The Orioles had the best odds of getting the top pick (12.4 percent) in Round A. The Royals, who actually got the pick, were tied with the Padres at 11.1 percent. The Pirates and Marlins had the same probability of getting the first pick, at 10.5 percent. The Reds received a Round A pick despite having just a seven percent chance of getting the first pick, but no one bucked the odds more than the Diamondbacks, who had just a 2.6 percent chance of getting pick No. 1, yet landed the third selection.

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