Sunday, July 8, 2012

Rockies game in May pegged as one of craziest games of MLB season

It's hard to believe what transpired during the May 27th contest against the visiting Colorado Rockies. Yes, the Reds did manage to edge a two-run victory, but the fashion in which they did so was unbelievable.

The clash featured a stadium-record nine homers, one of which was launched by Todd Frazier using virtually no hands, and a pitcher who was nearly a half-century old, among other oddities.

And I'm not the only one who thinks the game was rather strange either, because's Jayson Stark recently included the game in his list entitled the "Five Craziest Games of the Half-Year" as support to my findings. Here's an excerpt from Stark's outlook on the bout:

The Nine Trot-A-Thon: Reds 7, Rockies 5, May 27.

No matter how many games you've seen in your life, I guarantee you've never seen one like this Great American Longball-Park special. The WINNING pitcher, Mat Latos, gave up five home runs. The losing pitcher, Jamie Moyer, gave up four. And there had never been any other game played in which one starting pitcher allowed five bombs while the other allowed four or more. But that's not all. There were only two SINGLES in this game (one of them an infield single), making it the first nine-homer, two-single game in the live-ball era. Latos allowed no other hits -- making him the first pitcher ever to give up five hits, all of them home runs, and somehow wind up as the winning pitcher. And the big highlight was the Reds' Todd Frazier hitting the goofiest home run of the year, actually losing his bat in mid-swing and then looking up to find the baseball landing in the left-field seats. Quote of the day, from Dusty Baker: "That's too many home runs of theirs. I'll take all of ours."

Here's a picture of the scoring summary from that fateful day:

To view which games Stark named as the four other craziest, as well as other midseason awards, please visit this link.

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