Friday, July 27, 2012

Top 10 prospects by trade value

by: Chase Fitzgerald & Ron Driesen
Staff Writer

This is basically the same as my last article, but only with prospects. The difference is one or a few of these guys might be traded very soon. This is not a list of which prospects are the best but a list of the value that other teams have for them. So keep that in mind before you start complaining that player A is much better than player B. Thanks for reading!

1. Daniel Corcino
I know exactly what you’re thinking. “Why isn’t Billy Hamilton number 1?” Well for many reasons actually. Starting pitching is a lot harder to find than good hitting. Especially one of Corcino’s caliber. He is in Double-A right now and should see some time in Triple-A later this year. He could turn out to be another Johnny Cueto. The reason that he is higher than Stephenson and Travieso is that he is farther along than they are. Stephenson and Travieso are still raw and could turn out to be busts but on the other hand, Corcino is very close to pitching in the big leagues and much less risk factor. So basically if the Reds were to put together a package to get a top of the line player, Corcino will probably be needed to headline it.

2. Billy Hamilton
What team wouldn’t want Hamilton? He could become the best leadoff hitter in baseball and he might be the fastest player in baseball. Ever. The Reds have listed him as an untouchable so don’t worry everyone but he could get us a nice player. I think if the Reds packaged Billy and Stephenson/Travieso that may be enough to get Justin Upton. The reason he is this high is not only because his speed can take over games, but he also gets on base a lot. He is pretty much the perfect leadoff hitter.

3. Robert Stephenson
Robert Stephenson is looking like a very good 1st round pick for the Reds. He has unbelievable stuff and that just earned him a promotion to Dayton. He is armed with a fastball that has touched 100 mph and a hard-breaking curveball but he is in about the same situation as Travieso. He could become an ace if he develops right. The only reason he isn’t higher is because he is still a very raw prospect but that still won’t chase away teams. It wouldn’t be that hard to find a team that is interested in him.

4. Nick Travieso
Travieso was our first round pick this year and has top of the rotation stuff. Many have compared him to Matt Cain but he is still very young and a raw prospect. He would have to be included in a trade package for someone along with other decent prospects. He is a risk and the Reds would be better holding on to him in my opinion because his trade value now is a lot less than what his value will be a few years from now.

5. Tony Cingrani
Cingrani has been dominating all year at every level. He really only has two pitches now but is working on a third that he uses sometimes. His fastball is only in the low-90s but has great command and it is one of the best fastballs in the minors. A lot of people see him become a reliever so that’s why he isn’t higher but I think some teams see him differently. Plus, this is his first season not in the rookie league and has already made his way to Double-A. I could see him reaching the majors as soon as next year or even this year if a team trades for him.

6. Didi Gregorius
Didi is the most likely on this list to actually get traded and does have some value. SS is a very weak position in the majors and you don’t have to be an amazing hitter to be a starter there. Didi is a great fielder but isn’t as good at hitting. Even though since being promoted to Triple-A, he has shown some power including a walk off homerun this week. He has a lot of trade value because he could step in right now and be the everyday shortstop on a lot of teams. I honestly think he is won’t be a Red much longer and he will likely get us a very nice player in return.

7. Donnie Joseph
Donnie Joseph is the closer for the Bats right now and will soon be on the big league club if he keeps doing what he’s doing. He has an under 2 ERA this season so far and should be getting the call soon. For teams in need of a closer this might be your guy. For the Reds this guy might be their long term closer and right now he has a lot of trade value because he can make an impact right away.

8. Kyle Lotzkar
Lotzkar has some trade value but is a risk for teams. He has dealt with a streak of injuries but has been healthy this year and is putting together a solid season. He could end up being a great pitcher but the Reds organization is loaded with pitching prospects so the Reds will be looking to trade him. Apparently teams are high on him and his trade value seems to be increasing and if that’s true the time to trade him is now before he gets hurt again.

9. Jesse Winker
Jesse is an outfielder who the Reds picked in this year’s draft. Winker has been playing in the Red’s rookie league and has been doing great. He would have to be included and not headline a trade package. It doesn’t seem like teams are incredibly high on him but he is still at least a good prospect. He has been hot lately in Billings and might see a call to Dayton soon.

10. Henry Rodriquez
Rodriquez has been very good for the Reds in Triple-A and I’m kind of surprised he hasn’t been called up. He is hitting well over .300 and he is a very consistent hitter hitting over .300 in his past 4 years in the minors. He could make an immediate impact for some teams and can at least be a switch hitter off the bench. I could see teams trading FOR him instead of the Reds using him in a trade package of some kind.

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