Wednesday, August 8, 2012

15 crazy facts about Reds players and their 2012 salaries

It's no secret that professional baseball players enjoy large incomes and rather lavish lifestyles. Especially the ones with seniority and/or some legitimate star power. In fact, the average MLBer typically rakes in more cash over one season than most average citizens can expect to earn in a lifetime.

With that said, I thought it would be fun to try and put their salaries in better perspective. And the following list of 15 figures is what I came up with. Proceed reading with caution, as the numbers may actually boggle your mind for a moment:

+ Bronson Arroyo's 2012 base salary is $12 million. That equates to $1 million a month, $230,769 per week, $32,876 per day, $1,369 per hour, $22.83 per minute or 38 cents per second.

+ Arroyo earns over twice as much in a month as rookie catcher Devin Mesoraco makes in an entire season ($480k).

+ Brandon Phillips is also pulling in a salary of $12 million this season. It takes him just 292 hours, or 12.17 days, to earn the same amount of money as President Obama makes in a whole year.

+ Joey Votto's take home pay this year is $9.5 million, which is about 11.91% of the Reds' overall team payroll. By comparison, the average household income in the United States is $49,777 per calendar year.

+ At $5.4 million, Johnny Cueto eats up 6.77% of the team's 2012 payroll. However, he represents about 17.04% of the team's on-field performance (calculated by player's percent of team WAR/player's percent of total team payroll), which in turn makes him extremely valuable.

+ Aroldis Chapman can be attributed to 10.0% of Cincy's on-field performance despite only representing 2.51% of their team payroll. Chapman is bringing home $2 million this season.

+ It takes Scott Rolen only 58 hours, or 2.44 days, to amass the same amount of cash as the average high school teacher makes in one year. Rolen's '12 salary is approximately $6.5 million, by the way.

+ By comparison, it takes rookie Zack Cozart 803 hours, or 33 whole days, to generate the same average yearly income of a high school teacher. Cozart is making $480k this season.

+ It would take the average person on unemployment 17,064 weeks, or 328 years, to accumulate the total of Jay Bruce's 2012 salary ($5 million).

+ At a salary of $550,000, Mat Latos ranks as the 539th-highest paid player in Major League Baseball.

+ Although out with a season-ending injury, Ryan Madson is still being paid $6 million this year. That represents 7.52% of Cincy's payroll and 0.00% of the team's on-field performance.

+ Sean Marshall has pitched in 49 games thus far and is drawing $3.1 million in salary. That equates to $63,265 per game played.

+ At a yearly income of $2.42 million, it's estimated that Homer Bailey pays approximately $863,139 in federal income taxes. That's more than Mike Leake makes in a whole year ($507k).

+ Cozart ranks as the most valuable player with regards to cost vs. performance (MLB Average Salary/Player Salary) * (Player WAR) at 9.1. In theory, he is the Reds' most underpaid player.

+ Miguel Cairo ranks as the least valuable (-3.5) member of the roster. In theory, he ranks as the most overpaid Reds player.

*All calculations, stats and figures are derived from*

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Denise Luellen said...

Goes to show pay is not performance based. And there are a couple pitchers who should be very thankful and atleast one who should be very upset.

Anonymous said...

True words, Denise. Players often get rewarded for their past performance rather than future.