Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Reds uniforms ranked 69th by Uni Watch

This is the uni pic used from the Uni Watch list.

ESPN's Uni Watch squad is back at it, insisting on putting together a list of the best and worst uniforms in the four major pro sports. They decided the best thing to do was just to go ahead and rank every single team's most current uniforms from 1 to 122 and release a certain range every day starting from the worst (122) to the best (1). It would appear that today is the day of reckoning for the Cincinnati Reds and their threads. The Redlegs ranked as having the 69th best or worst uniforms in sports, depending on how you want to look at it. This would place them in the lower echelon of sports' garb. They were just ahead of the Philadelphia 76ers and just below the Tampa Bay Rays. It seems kind of ironic that the Reds are wearing 1991 throwback uniforms for this evening's game.

Here's what Uni Watch had to say about the Reds:

"All the other MLB teams that added black accents to their uniforms over the past 15 years (Mets, Royals, A's, etc.) have gone back to their true colors -- except the Reds. Time to ditch the black drop shadows and the black alternate cap, guys. A less eccentric number font wouldn't hurt, either."

I don't really have an opinion on such things. The uniform of the Reds is fine by me. As long as they don't switch it to some really awful design and color scheme, then I think I'll survive. Even if they did, it's not like I would stop watching them play. Who cares?

I guess it should be noted that the Reds did fare much better than their NFL counterpart as the Bengals were ranked at 121st. That's second-to-last overall and the worst among all football uniforms.

What do you think of the Reds uniforms?


baseballcincy said...

I agree on the "black" comment, though since there aren't black sleeves and black-crowned caps anymore I don't have a problem with a black bill or the drop-shadows.

I do like that the uni is essentially the same as it's been for the 30+ years I've been following the team. The font update doesn't bother me.

I will admit I did like the mid-90's pinstripes and the white cap, which were a bit of a departure from the traditional unis. But I never liked the Sean Casey-era black-dominated look.

RedlegsWriter said...

I agree with that.

My favorite has always been the gray with red lettering and red/white stripe. I just like that one.