Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sundays are fun days for the Reds in 2012

Don't deny it. Each day of the week feels different in their very own way. For example, Mondays generally pack a light sense of dread, Fridays ignite a rush of excitement and anticipation, and Sundays present us with a valuable day of rest and relaxation.

And unlike the NFL where they only play on certain days of the week, the Reds have the pleasure of playing on all seven of them. Since we already know that not all days are created equal, I wanted to set out to determine which day(s) the Reds played the best on and which day(s) they played worst.

With that in mind, here is Cincy's record this season when playing on a particular day of the week:

Monday: 6-6
Tuesday: 9-8
Wednesday: 9-8
Thursday: 6-7
Friday: 12-6
Saturday: 13-6
Sunday: 13-5

Overall: 68-46

By the looks of it, the Reds should really make an effort to play all or most of their games on the weekend. They're 38-17 on those days and just 30-29 on all others. Sunday is their best day based on winning percentage (.722) while Thursday is their worst (.462).

Just another little nugget to think about while watching the Reds play on this Sunday afternoon.

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